5 Examples of How Technology Has Flip-Switched the Way We Live

Does it make you feel good to belong to an era where you do not really have to go to the bank to get money? Does it gladden you that you do not have to wait for weeks at stretch to hear from your beloved who is now quite far away from you? Does it not make you yelp with happiness when your food is delivered to you without you having to even make a call to order it?

Technology has consistently been changing our lives and it promises to do so in the future as well. Everything that we need and everything we can think of is now just a finger tap away and just when you think that things could not be any convenient than this, technology surprises you again.

The only line of differentiation that separates us from our past could quite safely be technology. All the progress that we currently bank on and all the achievements we aim to accomplish in the future can be attributed to technology only.

The impact of technology is everywhere and that is why today we intend to look at how things were and how they are now, thanks to technology.

5 Examples of How Technology Has Flip-Switched the Way We Live

  1. Social Media: Gone are the days when you had to rely on a mail carrier or a messenger to deliver your feelings expressed in words or on a piece of paper. Gone are those days when you had to wait for weeks at the end just to hear back from your parents about how they are. Technology’s finest baby, social media, has eventually made the world a whole lot smaller. Video calling and instant messaging have made communicating with people across continents a matter of seconds.
  2. Healthcare: The advancements in healthcare due to technology are simply mind-blowing. What could not be imagined once upon a time is now possible? With various machines and equipment that give out a clear and distinct imagery of the patient’s condition, it is not difficult for doctors to run accurate diagnostics and implement treatment techniques that work. Technology has also helped people to rid addictions. If you have been a chronic smoker, then technology can help you rid that too. Electronic Cigarettes helped addictive smokers tremendously to change their habit of smoking.
  3. Education: There was a time when teaching solely relied on one person standing and speaking things out from a book and the only learning a child could do was by imagining. That is no more the case now. Owing to virtual aids and technology that has made viewing things so easy, children can now just go ahead and watch things to learn better. Learning about the solar system or even microscopic organisms is no more reliant on imagination. Note making does not even need paper anymore. The concept of virtual classrooms has birthed because of the efficacy of technology and has benefitted students all over the world.
  4. Smarter Homes: Things are no more a figment of fiction or imagination. Those sci-fi movies that showed your bed turning into your wardrobe and vice-versa are now a reality. Everything is now at your very fingertips. From regulating the thermostat to switching the TV off when you have come to another room, homes are now smarter. Surveillance is also at its prime and burglars quite clearly are out of business.
  5. Everything is merely a click away: No time to go groceries shopping? The groceries come to you anyway. Clothes shopping could take you ages and you would still not find the exact dress you want? No worries. You just have to click through the internet, surf through for your favourite dress and buy it online. Even before you realize it, your dress reaches you. From traveling to places to ordering medicines, all you gotta do is enjoy the comfort of your house and get clicking, and you’d have it all.

In conclusion, it can be said that no matter in which walk of life is taken into consideration, a considerable trace of technology would be found. Technology has quite certainly become the spirit of humanity, without which our existence is futile and regressive.