3 black masks recipe of activated charcoal for the face

Activated charcoal is a natural absorbent that can absorb other matter in whole or in part. This property of coal is used in medicine for poisoning, in the industry for cleaning air or water, and now in cosmetics – as the main component of cleansing masks.

Coal tablets can be considered a natural remedy because they are made from birch, pine, and poplar or coconut shell by burning. If used properly, activated charcoal skin lightening will not do harm and will help make the face clean and beautiful.

Important: Aloe juice can be added to other recipes of coal masks.

Activated charcoal with honey

Honey will fill the skin with health and heal pimples, pull out small pustules.

Apply for 10-20 minutes.

Activated charcoal with aspirin

Aspirin acts as a light chemical peel, relieves itching and flaking.

Dilute gelatin 1 liter of water and preheat in a microwave. Swell up the mass with a solution of aspirin and add charcoal. Stir, apply on face. Remove after 10 minutes. Keep reading http://www.klmbeauty.com/face-mask-made-gelatin-activated-charcoal-black-spots/

Activated charcoal and yeast with honey

Yeast is very good for the skin. They moisturize, give tone, and filled with vitamins.

Dilute the yeast not with liquid water or milk and put in a warm place. When leaven is suitable, mix it with the rest of the ingredients, and apply to the skin for 15-20 minutes. Rinse with water.


Like any other means, activated charcoal has limitations to use.

Before applying any new mask, be sure to check whether you have an allergic reaction. Prepare a small portion and apply on the wrist or behind the ear. If there is irritation, burning sensation – give up this recipe.


Masks made of activated charcoal perfectly clean the skin. Among all the recipe you can identify compositions with gelatin – they are quite effective and remove not only dirt from the pores, but also remove particles of keratinized skin. The second place deserve a mask made of clay, which by themselves cleans the skin well, together with coal give an excellent result.

The simplest mask is one where in the composition only coal and water also cleans well and can be used as a scrub. But it is necessary to apply the cream after this procedure. They make up for the loss of nutrients in the skin.

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