3 Must-Haves for the Most Productive Home Office Ever

Working from home can be a difficult thing to do if you don’t have the right products at your disposal and aren’t in the right mindset. However, having all the equipment you need right with you at all times will help you make sure your brain is fixed into work mode. In addition to a great computer like the Dell OptiPlex 7440 All-In-One Desktop, here are 3 things every remote worker needs to have in their workspace to make sure you stay productive.

Dual Monitors

Maybe you’re getting by with just the one monitor, but when you’re using the computer as heavily as you are for work, having two monitors will make things so much easier and will likely drastically increase your productivity as well. You’ll have more space to spread things out and organize your tasks and to-do lists. You’ll also be able to keep more windows open on your desktop at once, which is always a good thing when you’re multitasking.


If you’re working from home, you may already have a fridge full of food. It’s particularly important to have food and drink available right within your office space. This gives it a feel of a true work environment. Give yourself a lunch hour with occasional breaks to bring the food you brought for that purpose. By bringing food specifically for your lunch hour, you will feel less tempted to get food out of your kitchen fridge and eat in front of the TV or partake in other distractions.

Filing System

Your desk may be spacious but it’s for other things, not for important files and papers. Make sure you have a filing system with clearly labeled files and folders so you can always find what you need in a jiffy. This is an essential piece of any working home office, but don’t forget your computer files. They also need to be organized in a way that things are simple and straightforward to find.

Having a solid piece of computing equipment like the Dell OptiPlex 7440 All-In-One Desktop can help you stay productive even when you’re working from home, but there are other key elements you need in your workspace to ensure productivity. Get in touch with the team at Aventis Systems, Inc. today to get set up with the best products you need in order to do your very best work.


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