3 Tips On Finding Someone from Your Past

When you are looking to find someone from your past, any thoughts on how best to go about it?

By using resources at your disposal, you can more times than not locate an individual you want to get in touch with.

So, how best to go about it and hopefully get the results you want?

Will You Be Able to Locate Someone?

To find someone missing in your life you’d like to know more about as of late or even make contact, here are three tips:

  1. Using Internet – It stands to reason in today’s age that turning to the Internet to locate one makes most sense. That said rely on resources such as search websites, social media and more. Chances are by entering a person’s full name and other details about them online you go in the right direction. You can also turn to social media and any contacts you have. They may have an idea where the individual is. In fact, the person you have been looking for over time may have one or more social media accounts. By tapping into the Internet, you could be that much closer to tracking one down. You might even be making contact with them if both parties agree to this.
  2. Knowing a past – How well you know the person and their past can also play a big role in how successful you will be. For instance, does the person have any criminal record? If they do, is there a chance they may now be behind bars? You could go online as mentioned earlier and use a CDCR inmate locator. This would be if you think the individual may be in prison in California. If they could be behind bars elsewhere, see if you can find a similar online tool in the state you believe them to be in. The more you know about one’s past, the better chance you have of finding where they are now.
  3. Family and friends – If not all that savvy with the Internet, try family and friends of the individual. Whether the person is a relative or not you can turn to family and friends to see if they have heard from the person. They may have gotten an email, text, phone call or other means of communication at some point. If they did, they may be willing to share the details with you. You can then if needed ask them if they have a contact number or address for the person you seek. It is important to remember that it will be up to the individual in question. That is to if they want to be contacted in the first place. Some people do seem to drift away for one reason or another and want to be left alone.

If you look to find one from your past, the hope is the effort is successful and you reconnect after all this time.

So, are you prepared to begin the search?

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