7 Ways To Establish Good Impression At Court

We should know that first impressions last and this can influence the progress of our case. It is important to establish good first impression in the court, because our demeanour is noticed, by the judge and jurors. If these people have good impressions on us and even like us, it is possible that we will get better results in our cases. Their legal decisions are influenced by what they hear and see from us. So, it is important to se proper tone of voice, body language and overall appearance. The way we go about answering questions and providing statement will have significant impacts on our case.

7 Ways To Establish Good Impression At Court

1. Be clean:

Bad body odor can be offensive in the courtroom, so we shouldn’t establish a negative aura by being less hygienic. It is important to improve our standards of cleanliness a few days before the court session begins.

2. Wear clean clothes:

We will be working at a close proximity with lawyers, witnesses and court staff. Although they won’t comment on our dirty clothes, they can’t help noticing it. Because the odor of our body will fill the air between us with others, we should pay attention to our clothes.

3. Don’t be too eccentric and flashy:

We should dress well and follow dress code used by others in the court room. If we are expected to wear a tie, we should do it. Professionals or businesspeople who habitually wear more formal clothes every day, may wear them during the court. Women should wear clothes with more plain colors, although they can be more flexible with them.

4. Cultivate clear and more elastic voice:

A few weeks before important court sessions, we should practice singing loudly in the morning and try to use every combination of sounds. Eventually, our voice could become more elastic and clearer. People will be able to hear our voices more easily when we speak. This allows us to have more impact during the sessions.

5. Don’t move around too much:

We should be able to control our body language. We don’t have to imitate how people behave in courtroom TV series. Actors and actresses want to be more dramatic by moving around and pointing their fingers at the witnesses or the opposing party. We should avoid these strategies, because people could consider us as being arrogant and intimidating.

6. Use pleasant facial expression:

Smiling should help, although we shouldn’t do this too often. Those with perpetually sunny expressions can be easily mistaken as being less serious or frivolous. By smiling too often, we could be seen as having poor understanding on the seriousness of the situation. Often our liberty, money and reputation are at stake.

7. Don’t be too argumentative:

If we are being too argumentative, it is possible that important parts of our testimony and statements will be lost in the middle of those arguments. We should just listen and answer any question that others’ ask us. If we don’t agree with something, we should do this respectfully and try to explain clearly what has happened.

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