8 Irresistible Cakes: Sweet Gestures For Mother’s Day

Mother culminates all form of love within herself and that’s why a mom’s love never ceases and is an unconditional one. She is simply the definition of God to all of us, nothing more and nothing less than that. Apart from her birthday, Mother’s Day is the most important day when we, her children should get up and make her feel proud and special. She deserves all the best things of the world and therefore you should shop for her very meticulously. There are many online gifting options and you can scroll through their websites very well before finalizing the gifts for her.

She has always made all your birthdays very special by baking delicious cakes and on this upcoming mother’s day, you can get cakes for mothers day to make her happy. Let’s check various cake options that are worth gifting her.

  1. Lemon and Blueberry Drizzle Cake: This sizzling cake would surely be loved by mom. The goodness of blueberry is filled to the brim in this cake. You can decorate this cake with some edible flowers.
  2. Elder flower Cake: This cake is filled with sweet elderflower butter cream and gooseberry jam with elderflower icing on top of it to provide extreme happiness to mom.
  3. Peach and Orange Cake: All the goodness of orange and peach are filled in this enticing cake. It serves well as an afternoon tea cake. If your mom loves tea and snacks then this is the best cake for mother’s day.
  4. Chocolate beetroot Cake: If you do not spill the recipe, no one can actually understand that this piece of cake also has the richness of beetroot. It’s because the beetroot is completely boiled and mashed. Try this different cake to surprise your mom.
  5. Bouquet of cupcakes: This can be done by selecting cupcakes of different flavors and tying them up into a bouquet and that would look so creative. She would love it for sure.

  1. Coffee Cake: Which mom doesn’t have a liking for tea or coffee? Yes, most of the moms have a great addiction for coffee and tea. Well, you can bake her simple coffee cake and present her happiness. Do not forget to garnish it with roasted almonds and walnuts.
  2. White chocolate and Raspberry Cake: Imagine white chocolate and raspberry as a dessert – isn’t that an astonishing taste? You can get that very easily on any online gift shop and in case you do not, you can always check for its recipe online and bake cake for mothers day.
  3. Strawberry Cloud Cake: This cake type doesn’t require any baking and therefore, it would be one of the best cakes for mother’s day as you can make it yourself. Just whipping all the ingredients like strawberries, butter, cinnamon, desiccated coconut, sweet biscuits, lime juice, and vanilla extract and keeping it in refrigerator would give you a fantastic cake for mother’s day.

The most valuable gift for your mom would be that you finally spent some time in kitchen. So, go for it.

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