A List Of Super Foods You Should Eat During Your Days Of Pregnancy

superfoods during pregnancy

Looking for maximum nutrition during your pregnancy? Ensure that these super foods are part of your routine diet. All of us are aware that we would eat healthy, but maybe you are used to cheating a little. Doughnut and latte for breakfast! We have been there! Now that you are expecting, you need to think much more carefully about feeding yourself as the foods that you eat is the main source of nutrients for your baby. For example, during pregnancy, you will eat calcium and protein for the bones and tissues of the baby. Folic acid would also be needed to protect your baby against neural tube birth defects as more iron will help the red blood cells to carry more Oxygen to the body. A gynecologist in Gurgaon will prescribe the best source of super foods for pregnant women and you can start on these.

Whole grains-

Whole grains, cereals or breads are enriched with folic acids, as well as iron where the fiber content is more than rice or white bread. Incorporate work whole grains into your diet and ideally it can be an oatmeal for breakfast, a sandwich on whole grain bread for lunch coupled with brown rice for dinner.


Make it a point to include white or black beans, or soy beans in your daily diet. You can try them in chillis, soups along with pasta dishes. In addition to providing fiber and protein, they work out to be a good source of essential nutrients in the form of iron, zinc, and foliate or for the matter zinc


Eggs are a good source of protein which provides amino acids, which both you and your baby’s needs. They are known to contain more than a dozen vitamins and minerals and that includes chlorine that is considered good for the brain development of the baby. But do not eat uncooked or raw eggs as they may have a negative impact on your baby as a whole.

Yoghurt Low fat-

A single cup of low fat yoghurt is known to contain more calcium than milk. It is high in terms of content of sugar and the added sugar of the flavored yoghurts is not there. You can dress it up with a bout of crunchy white whole grain cereal or fruit toppling


Blackberries, blueberries or raspberries work out to be delicious snacks and give you a taste of pancakes on top of the cereal. The berries are known to be packed with foliate, vitamin C, fiber along with potassium


Considered good for the brains and eyes of your baby, Omega 3 fatty acids, Salmon is a ready source. In addition to this it goes on to produce B vitamins and protein and the best part about this fish is that it is low in mercury content when you compare it to shark. As these fishes live for a longer period of time, it is naturally that mercury will be on them which can live up to 4 years. You can try salmon grilled, broiled or on a salad. One can also consume about 12 ounces of low mercury fish and what better than salmon per week.

These are some of the super foods do be consumed during the stages of pregnancy

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