A New Experience With LED Shower Head

When you get home from a busy workday, what you expect in the bathroom should be a cozy, warm, relaxing shower. On turning the shower, we usually feel the temperature with hands to test if the water flowing out in the first few seconds is freezing cold. Now there is a revolutionary option out there for us – temperature color changing LED faucet which will definitely ensure us a pleasant shower experience.

As the name implies, a led faucet refers to a shower head with colored lights. Imagine the colored rain gently falling off the ground – nice stage effect, isn’t it? However what we expect from the LED color changing shower head are far beyond this. As we all know, the modern shower water heater allows us to the desired temperature, or at least it is electronically preset. With a LED shower head, we will be informed of the temperature more visually by the three colors. A LED color changing shower head will show the 3 different colors to indicate the temperature of the water flowing out. Just like what we guess, if we see red, it means the running water is hot. The blue represents comfortable and the green means the water is cold. Should you see the light flashing red, it is a warning signal telling “Do not use the water”.

Well, those are not only what you gain from a temperature color changing LED faucet . The LED shower heads are more expensive than traditional one, but they are undoubtedly worth investigating. One biggest advantage of this new LED model is that it does not require additional power supply. That’s where the light largely differs from others. But how do they light up without power supply? The secret falls on the turbine inside, which produce electricity without any battery. Ain’t that cool? You do not need to pay for extra money on electricity bill. This is an environmentally friendly LED model.

Many people do not update a new shower head just because they have no idea how to. However with this neo LED color changing shower head we no longer have to worry since it matches every standard connector that is available in the market. It is a piece of cake to install this original LED shower head. Now they come in millions of designs and styles, and we are sure to find the desired one. You family or overnight guests will be really pleasant to have a warm and colorful shower in the bathroom.

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