A Staircase for a Small Space – 5 Great Ideas

If you only have a small living space, having a large staircase is not very practical. Even a standard staircase can make a home look crowded and can take up valuable floor space. However, you still need to be able to reach different floors of your home; so you need to find a solution to the problem.

Professionals such as www.activemetal.com.au provide expertly designed staircases for homes of all shapes and sizes, and they can provide you with advice and information. It can also help to get some inspiration from taking a look at some space saving staircase ideas.

Doubling up as a storage space

If you need to have stairs in any of the rooms of your home, why not consider building a storage space into them. This can involve anything from built in drawers to cupboards. You get the benefit of a durable and attractive staircase, without losing out on useful space.

Going spiral

A spiral staircase is not just great to look at; it can also be the perfect way to optimise the space in your home by having stairs that are more vertical than horizontal. Make use of wood and metal in combination, for an ultra-modern look.

Making use of loft stairs

If you use the loft of your home as a living space, or for additional storage, you will have loft stairs in place. You can use this style of stairs anywhere in your home. As long as the people who live with you can easily negotiate this type of stairs, they can be the most practical option.

The fold away option

It’s worth remembering that not all stairs have to be permanent. If you need to have stairs in place to reach part of your home, but they do not need to be used very often, you could think about having stairs that can be pulled out and then pushed back away. This gives you access to a larger amount of floor space.

Going glass for a more spacious look

As well as creating more space in a small home, there are also things that you can do to make it feel more spacious. One way of doing this is by using glass as the main material for staircases. Light travels straight through glass, so your home retains a bright appearance, giving the feeling of more space. It’s worth remember that you can see through glass stairs so they may not be suitable if anyone in your home is not keen on heights.

The stairs in your home can be used as a feature that is a real talking point. This is the case even if you live in a small property. Decide on what style of staircase is the best fit for your home, and the most practical solution. Then speak to the experts about creating a staircase that makes a statement, as well as being safe and efficient.

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