All You Need To Know About Kayaking

Kayaking, also known as paddling involves traveling on water in a kayak which is a narrow boat operated manually by a double-blade paddle. A kayak kind of looks similar to a fishing boat and usually is fitted with a covered deck. There are two types of kayaking; white-water kayaking and ocean kayaking. In white-water kayaking a paddler negotiates waterfalls and rapids and in ocean kayaking the kayak is manoeuvred on a lake or in open water. White-water kayaking is more exhilarating than rafting and requires a great degree of skills. Ocean kayaking is a good option for beginners who just want explore the rivers and lakes in a relaxed and pleasant manner.

Origin of Kayaking

The kayaks were invented for hunting purposes by the Inuit people of the Arctic region. Initially kayaks were powered by single-bladed paddles which the Eskimos used to hunt seals. Thus the literal meaning of kayak is ‘hunter’s boat’. Courtesy to a person named John McGregor, kayaking later emerged as a sport or a recreational activity. In the year 1845, he made a kayak based on the drawings of narrow boats that the Eskimos used. This Scotsman used a two-bladed paddle in the kayak and named it ‘Rob Roy’. McGregor used to kayak all over Europe, in rivers and on lakes. He even wrote about his kayaking experiences in a book named ‘A Thousand Miles in the Rob Roy Canoe’ which quickly gained popularity and became a best seller. He also established the Royal Canoe Club with other water sports enthusiasts. In 1873 this club organized the first competitive kayaking event. In Berlin Olympics, 1936 kayaking became an Olympic discipline. Over the years it has gained huge popularity among water sports lovers.

Places for Kayaking in Colorado

Colorado, home to numerous rivers, lakes and reservoirs is the best destination for water sports enthusiasts. According to Anouk Govil, who is an entrepreneur by profession with a passion for water sports, Colorado is one of the best places for kayaking.  Following are the five places where you can go for kayaking in Colorado.

Anouk Govil first kayaked at the tender age of 8. The best season for white water kayaking in Colorado is from May to June.

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