Are Men Fond of Wearing Jewellery?

Usually whenever we think about any jewellery item, it’s only women’s jewellery that crosses our mind. However, men too these days use a number of jewellery items. Wearing jewellery by men is not just a modern trend. If you look back in history, you will find that men used plenty of jewellery items. If you have watched the epics of Mahabharat, Ramayana or any other mythological story on TV, you will notice that jewellery had been a masculine accessory too. Not only in India, but also all across the world men were found to be wearing lots of jewellery.

Let us look at few common mens jewellery items that is generally used by men even today.

Though necklace used by men and women are pretty much different from each other, it is considered as a unisex accessory. In many of the fashion shows held for men in India, as well as in in the western countries, men are shown wearing necklace of many different designs.

Men do not prefer to wear a necklace that is treated as “costume jewellery”. Usually, there are lots of jewellery that is perfect for evening gowns. Such stuff is for women, on the other hand, necklace for men will be used to complement their fashion and is not meant to be overwhelming.

Therefore, men’s necklace will be a bit more rough and rugged around the edges. For men, it should look natural may be something used by your grandfather who must have presented it to you.

Mostly during wedding or engagement day mens rings are used, besides that in many cultural traditions too men are found to wear rings. Most of the American men prefer to wear it on their left ring finger however many married men in orthodox church are found to wearing it on their right-hand finger too. There is no hard and fast rule in which finger must you wear your ring.

In different countries people use ring as mens wedding bands and you can find huge collection of such rings in various jewellery stores. They can be of gold, platinum, Tungsten or Titanium metals or some combination of different alloys.

Golden chains made out of 22lt gold snake chains are most wearable mens chains that can be found. Though its design is quite simplistic, it can certainly add grace to the appearance of men. You can find many varieties of chains for men if you search on the internet. They can be made of any yellow gold, white gold, platinum or silver material.

Many men prefer to wear bracelet on their left hand instead of wearing a wrist watch. However, those who wear wrist watch on their left hand can prefer to wear the bracelet on their right hands too. You can also see many wealthy people often wearing bracelets in order to show their power and status. Many people often term a man as gay if he is wearing a bracelet.

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