Beginner’s Guide to The Cosmopolitan Cocktail

Those who love cocktails must try one of the most famous drinks, the cosmopolitan. Cosmopolitan cocktails, or cosmos, are a loved drink that can be ordered in many bars, taverns, and restaurants. Though this drink is so popular, many people don’t know the history, rise in popularity, and even the recipe of the cosmo. The more you learn about the most popular cocktails, the more you will want to find the best handcrafted cocktails in Winter Park, FL, to order your own.


Though many believe that the cosmopolitan was invented in the 1980s, the name and recipe can be traced back to a couple different stories decades before. In the 1930s a very similar recipe to that of the cosmo was featured in a mixology book but under the name Daisy, and in the 1920s there was a worldly drink called the cosmopolitan that contained very different ingredients than the modern take. The cosmopolitan that we know today can be traced back to the 1980s and a bartender named Cheryl Cook. She invented the drink in hopes that pink twist on a classic martini would become a popular choice for the women of Miami.


The cosmopolitan is now viewed as the ultimate 1990s drink, likely because of the famous celebrities that were often found with one in their hand. Once Madonna gave her seal of approval to the drink and the cosmopolitan was featured on the popular shows like Sex And The City, the hottest parties and bars started to serve this pink drink.


The recipe for the cosmo is fairly simple, and very similar to the martini. All you need is vodka, limejuice, triple sec, cranberry juice, and ice. Combine the ingredients in a cocktail shaker, shake, and strain into a martini glass. Add a wedge of lime to garnish.


There aren’t too many variations of the cosmo since this iconic drink is usually ordered as is, but there are a few tweaks you can try. Some prefer the drink stirred instead of shaken, some prefer their cosmo without vodka using orange juice and pink lemonade in its place, and some like to add champagne to make it bubbly. Other variations include using white cranberry juice, adding mint, or using other fruit like strawberries and raspberries. Now that you have learned about one of the best handcrafted cocktails in Winter Park, FL, go to your local bar or tavern and order one yourself.

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