Brazil Nuts and Its Effect On Health

Brazil nut is found inside the fruit produced by the Brazil nut trees. The trees are found in Amazon. The fruits are ivory in color, soft nut meat which is covered in a thin layer of brown skin enclosed in a dark brown rough shell. When compared to coconut, the nuts are sweeter, buttery and softer and are used in desserts for their rich taste. They are often substituted with Macadamia nuts and coconut based recipes. Since they are highly contained with fats, they are also pressed for oil and also used in cosmetics. Brazilian nuts are also used as supplements because of the high selenium content.

Brazil Nuts and Its Effect On Health

Beneficial effects of Brazil nuts

The whole planet known that the Brazil nuts are the richest source for bio- active ingredients. Brazil nuts are so rich because of the high selenium content that 1 or 2 Brazil nuts can easily fill the daily requirement of selenium for the human body. Brazil nuts also contain 18% protein, 69% fat, 13% carbohydrate, 34% polyunsaturated fats, 41% monounsaturated fats and 25% saturated fat. The nut is also a great source of selenium as said earlier. It is known to have 200 times more selenium than any other food. Recent reports of scientific researches show that the intake of Brazil Nuts can reduce the risks of prostate cancer and breast cancer as well.

Due to the fat content…

Since Brazil nuts are enriched in fat contents, so the nuts are not regularly consumed by the individuals. But very few people know that saturated forms of fats found in the Brazil nuts are essential to combat several bad cholesterols and also increase the flow of the good cholesterols. Gaining weight has never been a problem with this nut’s fat, instead of the fat when breaks down, it absorbs the essential nutrients of the body. The lubricant of these saturated fats gives the hair and the great skin moisture and also lubricates the joints.

Where to find the nuts

If you can include these nuts as part of your diet, it will be beneficial for your health. You can buy the nuts in bulk quantities as they have a high shelf life. You will also get to save a considerable amount of money at the retail stores. If you do not want to look for them, or cannot find them in the stores, you can always get them via online shopping websites that too, at wholesale prices.

Why do men need to eat Brazil nuts?

There are fivereasons for the answer

  1. Brazil nuts increase natural testosterone levels.
  2. It improves sperm motility of the sperms and reduces infertility (among men)
  3. Excellent source of omega-6 fatty acids,
  4. Essential micronutrient for male reproductive system

What is the relation between selenium, Brazil Nuts& better sex?

Selenium is a micro mineral required by the body daily. A very little selenium is required by the body, much of our diets are deficient in the key mineral. It also acts as an antioxidant when combined with vitamin E and many vitamins naturally found in Brazil nuts. So you can jolly well see how the Brazil nuts can be consumed to increase the condition of your health.

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