Clenbuterol for body building

It is a drug that causes a physiological effect that is similar to that produced by the stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system. This drug was initially formulated for treating asthma patients but nowadays it is used more for losing body fat and to gain more muscle mass. This day’s athlete’s bodybuilders are using it more and more to build more muscle mass before participating in bodybuilding competitions; besides gaining muscles and helping to stay in shape, this medicine also increases endurance and energy of the person. It is used as a supplement by the bodybuilders to enhance the performance.

 Usage of clenbuterol:

Clenbuterol is a stimulant drug that is used by the bodybuilders. It is asympathomimetic amine which helps in breaking of muscle protein. It is a stimulant drug and is not a steroid. It is used by bodybuilders to gain more muscle mass and to lose excess body fat. Bodybuilders.


Need for Supplements like Clenbuterol:  

Bodybuilders have to perform and train all the year round to build a good physique and have a nicely sculpted body with good amount of muscles to win the various competitions. As the time for competition approaches, unfortunately , the training time is reduced as the athletes gets involved in various other activities related to competition and hence they are unable to devote less and less time to train their bodies and hence they start losing the muscle mass and gain more and more fat. This excess fat once gained is very difficult to lose in short time. To lose the fat more effectively in short time and to gain more muscle mass with minimum physical effort the bodybuilders include supplements like clenbuterol in their daily regime.

 Side effects:

The use of clenbuterol can lead to certain temporary side effects such as skin rashes, irritation, urticaria, difficulty in breathing, nausea, vomiting, dry mouth, dizziness, insomnia, palpitation, tightness in chest, mood swings, lack of concentration, drowsiness, muscle cramps, anxiety, etc. It may also lead to some other long term serious side effects like: making bones more and more fragile .It may also lead to the inelasticity of the collagen cells resulting in the expansion of heart muscles which in turn may lead to risk of strokes. Long term use of clenbuterol may lead to enlargement of muscle cells resulting in fatal accidents due to rupture of aortic muscles of the heart.

Effects of Over Dosage:

Over dosage of Clenbuterol may lead to some serious repercussions like: increase in heart beat, increase in blood pressure and tremors. It may also lead to stoke and vertigo. It may also lead to degeneration of heart cells. Effects of Clen for weight loss may also be responsible for causing hypocalcaemia, and hypophosphatemia.

Benefits of using Clenbuterol:

There are various benefits of using Clenbuterol like increase in motivation to work out to build body. It boosts the energy levels for the workout.

It increases the fat burning capacity of the body.

It decreases the appetite and hence weight loss.



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