Enhance Your Hockey Team’s Performance With New Drills

Whether you coach kids or adults, field hockey drills are an important part of any training regime. The right drills can increase levels of fitness, improve confidence and enhance performance on the field. Targeting your training drills to key areas will yield fast results and improve player engagement in sessions.

Benefits of Introducing New Drills

England Hockey states that the coach is a critical factor in determining players’ enjoyment of the game, and introducing new and exciting drills to your training sessions can not only improve performance but also make training more fun. Repeating the same drills week after week can lead to players becoming bored and prevent them from pushing themselves to new levels.

Introducing new drills into sessions will keep even the most seasoned players interested and stop training becoming repetitive. The use of drills allows you to properly structure training sessions and to focus on key areas your team needs to improve in. This will not only give you more confidence as a coach, but it will increase the confidence of your players, improve team spirit, and allow players to see real and often immediate improvements in their game.

Keeping players interested and motivated is a key part of successful coaching in any sport, and the challenge presented by refreshing training techniques every now and then keeps players on their toes. Targeted training drills allow you to focus on specific areas, such as tackling or passing, ensuring your team is well rounded and confident on the field.

Choosing the Best Drills for your Team

The best drills for your hockey team will depend on the overall level of skill, experience and the age of your team. Using sites such as www.sportplan.net/ to narrow down the best drills for your team means you won’t waste time trawling through unsuitable training regimes. Although introducing new drills should push your team, both collectively and as individual players, it’s important you don’t introduce techniques that are too advanced for their current level of expertise.

Although very young players benefit from more loosely structured training sessions, older children and adult players respond well to training drills. They are an essential part of training in any team sport and can increase all-round fitness and performance, as well as skill in specific areas and confidence in any competition.

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