Enjoy some strawberries and cream on centre court

We will soon be entering Spring and it won’t be long before we soar into the Summer period and with that comes the delights of Wimbledon. Most people around the world have heard of Wimbledon Tennis Championships and almost as many have probably sat and watched whilst men dressed in some incredibly stylish Mens Farah Clothing that they may have purchased from https://www.ejmenswear.com/men/farah sit and enjoy a bowl of strawberries and cream whilst they watch the world’s best compete against one another on the court in front of them.

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Wimbledon first took place in 1876 and was played at was what known as the All-England Croquet and Lawn Tennis Club. Since the game of croquet started to reduce in popularity and tennis began to soar the name was eventually changed to All-England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club. Up until 1968 the tournament was open just to amateur tennis players and then after this time the introduction of qualifying rounds took place. The modern day event totals 16 matches played over a two week period in June and July annually. The main events are Ladies and Men’s Singles, Ladies and Mens Doubles and the Mixed Doubles matches.

The Centre Court at Wimbledon really is a sight to behold as the clear, retractable roof keeps the rain at bay from the players and the 16,000 spectators that can watch the match. It is one of the largest facilities for tennis matches across the world. The clubs grounds also has an additional 19 tournament standard grass courts as well as the number 1, 2 and 3 stadium courts.

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Tennis at Wimbledon is a very traditional affair with the courts being amongst just a few left in the world where really grass courts are used and maintained. No product adverts are allowed in the club and as the patrons are the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge you can be sure to see them attending some of the matches. There is a eerie silence as the matches are taking place as the spectators respect the need for the tennis players to concentrate. As we have already mentioned another staple at Wimbledon is the thousands of bowls of strawberries and cream that will be served over the two week period.

Who will we see ranking in the top positions this year. Only time will tell!

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