Eye Shadows Ideas: Eyeshadow Palettes & Eye Sets

For the enhancement of blue eyes picking the right makeup is necessary because going for opposite selection will deteriorate the beauty of your eyes shadow ideas. Having blue eyes and going for some special occasion and wants to envy your friend so join us in this article in which we will show the best possible ways for eye shadow makeup and share some eye shadows ideas with you which will helps you in beating your friends in the fashion world.

Selection of the Right Eye Shadow

Going to office select eye shadows with colors in brown, Rose, terracotta and some neutral shades which is the best options for office going women’s while having blue eyes. The purple eye shadow will really help you to accentuate the colors of your eyes. For daytime lavender color will assist you while for evening time the best possible choice is to apply deep plum. On a special occasion or night it is good and a wise choice to use metallic turquoise and icy pink for blue eyed females this will provide an attractive look to the blue eyes. So selecting the right eye shadow Ideas can create a major difference so try to select it according to the occasions.

Smoky Look

Dark blue mascara on blue eyes gives a fabulous look in evening time while especially when it is merged with smudged charcoal eyeliner and you can also try charcoal grey and purple shadows. These colors (dark blue, grey, lavender and silver) also give some awesome look to blue eyes. When blue is combined with black it is again best for night time. Instead of black use navy mascara or eyeliner.

Blue eyes looks awesome with cat or winged eye liner which completely focuses on blues and looks great in any eye shadow Ideas.

Tone Your Lips

When the lips colors is tone down it provide a great look with your blue eyes. For that simply put a peachy brown lipstick or some sort of pale pink and tone your lips. While the color of the lips greatly effects your eye shadows it can catch focus toward itself so try to tone down while having blue eye with shadows on it.

Some Special Tips

Keep it in mind that according to a simple rule don’t try to match your eye shadows with that of your clothes believe me you will look silly so try some controversial colors that is aside from the color of your clothes.

Secondly another important factor while you are opting for blue eye shadow try to keep your overall facial makeup light this will expose your eye shadow Ideas and will look brilliant also avoid deep lipstick on your lips and one thing more don’t try blue color while having blue eyes it will not appears so try controversial colors.

Final Verdict

With a little practice you will be the master of eye shadow makeup so keep doing practice and beat your friends on some special occasion or in office.

Thank you and enjoy the article.

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