How can you make a custom thumbnail for your video?

The answer is quite simple; you can create it using an application and does not require any gimmick. You can choose a frame from your video or any picture taken during the time of filming to be used as a thumbnail. But the real problem arises when you want to share the video too, if you want to put it up on social media, you are better of creating custom thumbnails and then uploading them as that is more likely to get more clicks and views. You need to use software for converting your YouTube videos Facebook thumbnail.

But first we must dissect into what goes in making the right thumbnail and what can you do to make the most click-worthy thumbnail.

Now that you know how to make the most appealing of thumbnails, the next step is to spread your video around. This begins by basically sharing the link on Facebook. But given the number of users and the consistent uploads people make, it might be very hard to find the number of views you might deserve. Hence making customized YouTube thumbnails are essential. There is a multitude of applications available which can be used to make the necessary picture look enticing and different from anything else on the internet. Taking this path can be very important as more people get intrigued by the difference in size of the thumbnail, along with the customized play button, they are bound to click on your video.

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