How To Make Mutton Biryani With Basmati

Mutton Biryani is a hearty dish, sure to win the admiration of your guests. It consists of layers of saffron-infused rice and mutton, cooked in a method known as ‘Dum”.

Use the best basmati rice for this recipe:

Mutton Biryani:


For the rice-

For Marinating Mutton:

Other Ingredients:


For marinating mutton:

Preparing onions:

Cooking the mutton:

Preparing Rice:

For Saffron Milk:

Layering the Biryani:

This is one of the most delicious recipes that use Basmati rice. Basmati rice is growing popular globally and there is a great demand for organic basmati rice from India. It is unmatched for its texture, flavour, aroma and nutritional value.

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