Improve Your Network Security With Blue Coat Systems

One of the top most leading advanced web security solutions is Blue Coat and they are known for their extended services. The main mission of the Blue Coat is to offer protection to the enterprises to the user from any kind of Cyber Threats. Therefore whether you are using the Network based on Web, Mobile or Cloud, the company offers the wonderful solution in the most extensive manner. The Blue Coat knows the complete network technology both the inside and out along with which many other companies are steeped based on the security threats for increasing the protection. ProxySG or On-Premise Appliance is one of the service offered by the company and it provides the security as well as control that is needed for controlling over the web traffic in the excellent manner.

The Blue Coat Systems is helpful for industry leading secure web gateway with delivering the world class protection. In fact, the bandwidth management capabilities also enables the highest secure way as well as optimizing the use of highly advance web application is prominent. Unparalleled feature includes the user authentication, encrypted traffic visibility, web filtering, content caching, stream splitting, data loss prevention and many more. Web Security Service is useful for customizing the report based on the actionable intelligence as well as it enables in improving the web application effectiveness. Blue Coat Cloud Service will identify and category 100% new web content based on the real time features so that you could get the updated protection against all kinds of web-based threats.

Web Application Protection:

Protecting our web applications is the most important way for increasing the performance and saving time in the excellent manner. The web application protection offered by the Blue Coat leverage the extensive experience with the technology so that it protects the web traffic and protects the web applications although they are inside cloud-based datacenter or on-premise datacenter environments. Web Application Firewall is enabled in the highly advanced Blue Coat Systems and it is designed to protect against threats that attempts to exploit weaknesses in its application. Web Application Protection is delivered signature based as well as signature-less attack detection engines with the highly efficient support range. Blue Coat uses the broad range of authentication technology so that it would be convenient to integrate the application in all the platform abundantly.

In fact, the team also has the technology and techniques to inspect the encrypted SSL traffic for delivering the performance optimization based on the web application performance. The web application protection integrates natively with Global Intelligence Network for leveraging the real-time threat intelligence for improvising the performance in the network and detecting the errors in the transmission. Mobile device security service is also available in the highly advanced system that brings the enterprise-grade threat protection to mobile devices like iOS and Android. The company offers the network-based application controls, encrypted communication, real-time threat analytics, zero-day defenses and many more so that it would be convenient for increasing the quality control of the enterprises.

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