Interesting Facts About Rangoli –You Had No Idea About!

You might have seen your mother, grandmother, aunt or elder sister creating Rangoli on your verandah on festive occasions like Diwali. And you probably have tried your best and sometimes succeeded in making one completely on your own. Although the art seems pretty commonplace, it actually holds a lot of value and importance in Indian tradition.

There are a number of myths and legends associated with Rangoli and like we have mentioned before, it holds a lot of value in India tradition and culture. The word “Rangoli” is derived from the Sanskrit word “rangavalii” which means showing your happiness and joy through various patterns of colors and pictures. The art is practiced not just in India; even in countries like Nepal and Bangladesh people create Rangoli.

You must have noticed that rangolis are made in a variety of patterns. Some like to make diya Rangoli patterns, whereas some make simple flowers, peacocks and other less common Rangoli designs. No matter which pattern you are making, the idea is to celebrate the joy of the festival.

There are plenty of fun facts related to Rangoli. Here are a few you may not have heard before –

We hope these interesting facts have made your day. The next time you make a Rangoli pattern, don’t forget to share this knowledge with everyone around.

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