Panaji – The Tourism Hub Of Goa Bestowed With Nice Vacationing Spots

Panaji is an excellent tourist destination and offers a memorable holidaying experience. It is the largest city in Goa, filled with all glitz and glamour of modernization. It is abundantly blessed by Mother Nature and bestowed with a great past. Visit the city to explore it for real and pick from the best Panaji hotels.

Panaji - The Tourism Hub Of Goa Bestowed With Nice Vacationing Spots

Goa is one of the most popular tourists destinations in India and holidaying at the place is an experience full of adventure, learning, exploration, and joy. The whole state itself is beautiful with amazing tourists destinations scattered all over the region. In the meantime, in order to access the destinations of Goa, one has to reach Panaji first. It is the capital of the state and acts as the main transit point or gateway to the tourist destinations of Goa. Located almost at the centre of the state, the place is extremely well-connected to rest of Goa. Also, it is one of the most developed cities and the largest one in the state, equipped with all the aspects of modernization. However, the history of the place has its roots several centuries back when the kings of Bijapur used the place as a port. After the arrival of the Portuguese in the 16th century, the place was highly colonized by them. The present city is built over the remnants of the Mediterranean Portuguese town.

The city is visited by huge counts of domestic as well as international tourists alike, making it one of the most tourist-busy cities in India. The good thing is that it is sufficiently equipped with hotels and other options of lodging that every traveler will find a satisfactory stay here. Tourists often pick from the 3 Star hotels in Panaji as they are quite reasonable and well-appointed with amenities. Hotel Fidalgo Goa, Ginger Hotel, Goa Marriott Resort & Spa, Hotel Aroma Executive, Hotel Kamal Palace etc. are some of the most popular hotels.

Home to a good number of interesting tourist attractions and numerous entertainment centres, Panaji itself is a good tourist destination. It is ideal to spent some time in the city exploring the attractions before heading to other popular destinations in Goa. Located at the centre of the city, the church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception is a highly revered one and popular for its architectural beauty. Built by the Portuguese, the church is set on hill that overlooks Mandovi River and is noted for the distinct crisscrossing staircase. It is believed that after a long and tiring voyage from Portugal the sailors used to visit the place and offer their thanksgiving. Today, it is one of the major landmarks of the place with large counts of tourist visiting it daily.

Panaji - The Tourism Hub Of Goa Bestowed With Nice Vacationing Spots

Panjim is not just the administrative headquarter of Goa, it is the centre of culture, a hub of art, and an excellent tourist destination. Visit the city to explore the different aspects of it and for lodging, pick from the best Panaji hotels. Tourists also visit Miramar and Paula Beach in high number. They are the two beautiful beaches located close to Panjim. Both of them are splendid of nature, home to sun-bleached sand and shallow coast, and featuring a long string of hotels, restaurants, cafe, and palm trees. Tourists also visit Calangute beach, which is about 16 k.m. from the city and is the largest beach in north Goa. It is a highly popular beach and home of the monumental Fort Aguada. Apart from these the art and cultural centres are also highly popular amongst the tourists as they exhibit the best of Goan cultural. Kala Academy, Goa State Museum, Gallery Boa Arte, Gallery Gitanjali, and Fundacao Oriente being the most prominent ones.

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