Prophet TB Joshua States About Church Role In Community’s Life

Churches play a greater role in a person’s life as it guides them to be a spiritual being and to follow the path shown by God that is of truth and goodness. They always want people to be away from any kind of evil practice and to follow God’s principles and moral lessons. The churches impart best of spiritual lessons so that people can get a great life and be kind to others. Even Prophet TB Joshua tells about the greatest role the churches have played since time immemorial in an individual’s life. The congregations and the church masses help people to get on the spiritual path.

Prophet TB Joshua States About Church Role In Community’s Life

How Churches help People?

Church is the religious place and spiritual center according to modern Christians that imparts good knowledge and get the people to the path of righteousness. However, most of the people still do not believe in the power of church and do not attend any mass meetings. The number of people visiting churches around the world is quite low according to the recent reports as people find less time from their busy schedules. According to Prophet TB Joshua, the people should visit the church in order to learn about the teachings of God and to attend the religious prayers to come near God. Here are some of the points that describe the support given by church to common people:-

  • The focus of churches is to deliver the teachings of God to the people so that they can get to know the glory of God. They can lead a successful life that is full of blessings and they do not follow the wrong path.
  • The church also helps the people who are in need of medical services, food, shelter, etc. as this benefits community’s life and this makes a difference in their lives. People realize the power of goodness of churches and most of them starts visiting the church in their vicinity.
  • They impart the teachings given by God in the form of sermons and gospels so that people can follow their conscience and enlighten themselves. They are no more indulged in any kind of addiction or bad habits that may affect their full life.
  • The churches also impart responsible teaching to the people and this helps them to serve the humanity and be responsible towards them. They should be obedient towards the teachings of God, as mere knowledge about things will not help them out.
  • People should also seek that their present situations do not put any impact on their spiritual behavior and beliefs. The Pastor states that everyone should abide by the learning they have got in the church and not let any adverse circumstances impact their life.

Lastly, it can be said that churches do play a major role in changing the life of the community as they not only help them in problems but also teaches them to stay connected with God. The church helps people to inculcate spiritual lessons and to practice them in their daily life to get rid of any kind of problems.

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