Secrets of Homemade Black Mask

To make a home-made black face mask justify all your expectations, you need to approach it with all responsibility. Small, but very important tips for their use will help to avoid undesirable effects and negative emotions.

1) Indications for the use of black masks for the face: oily, problem skin, acne, black spots, small foci of inflammation on the skin, irritation.

2) Contraindications: dry, flaky skin, narrowed pores.

3) Check the prepared mixtures for allergens in your skin. The finished composition is applied a thin layer on the wrist, washed off after 10 minutes and the result is evaluated. In the absence of unpleasant sensations (itching, burning, redness) for an hour, a black mask can be safely applied to the face.

4) Before applying a black mask, it is recommended to steam out the face, so that the pores are maximally opened at the time of the procedure. This will speed up cellular metabolic processes and increase the effectiveness of the mask. To do this, it is enough to hold your face over a steam bath with herbs for 5-7 minutes. We also recommend you to check the reviews http://phytocskincare.com of the black mask before applying.

5) Scrubs before this kind of procedures to use undesirable, since both, and the other means are intended to cleanse the face. You will not get a double effect, but the skin can easily be injured.

6) First, try to clean the face T-zone: nose and chin. If the result will please you, then you can already make black masks on the whole face.

7) The time of action is from 10 to 20 minutes, but no more, otherwise the mask will solidify, and ripping it off the skin will be very painful and unpleasant.

8) Sometimes the mask-film, really, is too tightly attached to the skin, trying to extract from it the maximum of harmful substances, so it is difficult to separate. For this process was not painful, it is recommended to lightly moisten the mask on top, and then gently, taking the mask by the edges from the bottom, pull the film upwards. If the composition contains oils and other ingredients, the masks are washed off easily with plain water.

9) After a black mask on the skin it is desirable to apply a protective or moisturizing cream and within an hour not to go out.

10) The frequency of use is 1 (as prevention) or 2 times (if there are a lot of acne and black spots) in the week.

Home-made black facial masks are no less effective than store masks, so you should not doubt whether to take them for cooking yourself.

All the ingredients can be easily bought at the pharmacy (activated charcoal, cosmetic black clay, and therapeutic mud). The main condition is that all components are fresh, otherwise they will not be able to “work” in full force. There is no shortage in the recipes of black masks, so you can start the procedure of skin cleansing right at home. Keep reading http://www.phytocskincare.com/5-effective-skincare-tips-flawless-complexion/

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