Things to Do If Your Intellectual Property Is Being Used Without Permission

Intellectual property is an individual’s creation basically made for own business or the organization. The intellectual property once created needs to be protected from the outside world, which might harm your property by using it by its own name.

The intellectual property infringement is a very commonly seen concept in which it is copied or used by some organization and that too without taking your permission. The intellectual property can be used by your competitor, by your employee, former employee, any consultant, etc.  So, it is important to protect your intellectual property from such people.

Guidelines to follow when your intellectual property is used without your permission

Points to remember


It is not always necessary that the infringers intend to harm your business by using your intellectual property. The intellectual property can also be infringed by any naïve business person who has no idea about IP, or it can be infringed by any business unknowingly. So, before taking any harsh action, enquire about the infringement and only then react to it.

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