Tips on How To Best Buy Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial auto insurance provides coverage for the business owners in case of an unexpected accident that may cause financial loss. This type of insurance covers vehicles that are used for business travel, freight, client servicing and employee pickup. Commercial auto insurance protects your fleet from road accidents, claims arose during collision and theft.

Depending on where you conduct business, your state government may have it mandatory for you to have commercial auto insurance. This commercial car insurance is different from personal car insurance, as personal insurance policy does not cover vehicles used for commercial purposes. If you are using your personal car for both personal as well as commercial purpose, it is important to buy a separate commercial car insurance. Each insurance company have their own clauses and definition of commercial use, and it might be difficult for you to claim your personal insurance if the insurer differentiates between personal and commercial vehicles.

Commercial vehicles usually refer to motor vehicles, which are primarily used for transporting equipment, people, materials and goods as part of business.

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