Top 10 food delivery apps in Chicago

Food is something we all love. Eating is something very close to our hearts. We always want to try that new restaurant or some new add-ons but are busy enough or are just lazy. Thanks to the technology advancements and of course the Food Delivery Apps. What can be better than relaxing at your couch, watching your favorite series or just ordering food on your way back from a tiring day? No hassle, no traveling expense, fresh hot food delivered at your doorstep. The food payments and menu are also sorted for you, thank the app developers. Today you can look at the list of the top 10 finest delivery apps that take as much delight as in serving you delicious food in Chicago.



This food delivery app is always at your service. You can order delicious meals anywhere you are, at your office or home. You just need to open the app, and it will automatically detect your location using GPS and find out the restaurants delivering at your doorstep. You can also select from the top picked restaurants at your locale filtered by Grubhub. You have the option to directly search for your preferred cuisine or even the restaurant name. The best part of the transaction is GrubHub does not charge a penny for delivery, yes delivery is absolutely free as you like it. The app specializes in providing you grub Hub coupons you can avail a discount from. The 24/7 customer care tracks your every single order and makes sure you get exactly what you ordered. Don’t forget to use your WhatsApp groups to publicize referral code and get rewards from GrubHub.


A company founded in 1999 first started its services in London and then scaled up to cities in the US. This delivery office feeds a lot of hungry offices. The app is known for its specialized services in office meals, group meals, lunch catering for your corporate meeting all in a click of a button. It is headquartered in New York and provides job to about 2000 people. You can try their food at your office next time. Seamless is also a part of Grubhub Inc.


Postmates have come up with a completely unique approach in the delivering business. The app delivers you food and alcohol too. It has its services expanded from picking up any product and delivering it at your friend’s house or just anything from anywhere you want. Their business model does not have any partnership with restaurants yet. They are currently operating in over 90 cities throughout the US including Chicago. They also have a ‘Plus Unlimited’ membership program that will provide the facility of free delivery across selected restaurants on orders above $25. You can buy the plan at $10 a month.

Uber Eats

A pretty well-known name in the food app industry, this app from the developers of Uber provides its services across various cities including Chicago, Los Angeles, Amsterdam, India, Japan and almost everywhere in the globe. The app has a simple user interface with many features including cashless transactions and filtering out ongoing offers and discounts when you come to the transaction page. If you can trust Uber in dropping you home safely then you can obviously trust them to deliver you delicious food at your doorstep. It charges you a $5 delivery fees which are quite surprising.


Foodler is one of the most widely used food delivery apps in the US. It actually covers its service in over 4000 cities in the U.S. Apart from the convenient cashless payment option and cash it also accepts Bitcoin and Foodler bucks as payment methods. Along with delivering tasty food at your doorstep, Foodler also runs a reward program which allows you to earn free meals. Happy eating!

Eat 24

Increasing efficiency is the number one priority for the Eat24 team. To achieve this they have all in one package. All the research about the best places, their reviews, location all are available a single tap away. They operate both in-app and website powered by Grubhub that allows you to order from literally thousands of restaurants near you. You can order your favorite Pizza, your most loved sushi or taco nirvana, anything you want is just a few taps away. You can also avail extra benefits via Grubhub referral program.


It is an all in one delivery. As the name suggests Delivery.com is all about delivery. It gets you anything from anywhere says it is food, a bottle of wine, groceries, or your laundry. You got it all covered. Like GrubHub and Seamless, delivery.com provides its service free of cost, though you can count on delivery fees charged by the restaurant.  The app operates in many cities across the U.S including Chicago.


Zomato an app operating in over 10000 cities in India is now opening its doors to the USA, Australia, UK, Canada, South Africa, Portugal and a lot of other countries. It was previously known as Urbanspoon in some countries. The app has a massive partnership base with restaurants all around the U.S. It has ratings, reviews, cashless payment options, and a tub full of deals and coupons you cannot resist. You can order food from Zomato with just a few taps and can avail extra benefits with its membership plan. Members can avail discounts as huge as a 1+1 offer or 2+2 drinks. Go ahead and have a look at this paradise for foodies.


This app is available at many cities in the U.S including Chicago, Atlanta, Boston etc. It has a special feature of evaluating the best restaurant near you. It filters the restaurant based on customer ratings, delivery time, food quality and offers you the best.


Yelp is currently operating in more than 1500 U.S cities. You can optimistically rely on the app to deliver your dinner. It provides you with the best ratings for restaurants as well as cuisine. Yelp doesn’t charge you a fee for its services but the restaurant can. Happy ordering!

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