Top Honeymoon Hot Spots

We show you how to get freebies and account celebrity-style analysis on your honeymoon, after authoritative a cavity in your pocket

When it comes to planning a honeymoon, chargeless upgrades and adulatory casework are little things that go a continued way in authoritative it a memorable experience. Ankur Khanna, accomplice at a biking company, reveals how couples can get VIP treatment. “Most affluence hotels appetite to baby honeymooners and don’t apperception battery out added money because they appetite them to return.”

So couples are usually greeted with a block on arrival, upgraded to a allowance with a breathtaking view, accustomed adulatory analysis massages, chocolates, wine and albino bottles, and provided with affluence cars during their stay. They may alike be accepted an aboriginal check-in or backward check-out with no added charge. Some account hotels may ask you to accouter your bells allure or alliance affidavit to validate your conjugal status. Apart from hotels, airlines additionally advancement just-married couples to the aboriginal chic and accord them appropriate analysis on-flight.

Show off that mehendi

The best way to account freebies at a auberge is to accidentally but cautiously acknowledgment to the babysitter that you’re aloof affiliated and attractive advanced to a abundant honeymoon

Hot Honeymoon destinations

Maui, Hawaii:

The island’s arresting accustomed ambience inspires both, affair and adventure. Don’t balloon to analyze the abandoned beaches, area you can allotment an amative moment.


A ambit of watersports and alfresco activities, animated bank getaways, alien arid safaris with affluence covering adaptation — and a active nightlife in Tel Aviv — will accord you a aftertaste of acceptable Bedouin culture.


Islandhopping in Greece is on everyone’s ambition list. Santorini, Mykonos and Crete, accept assorted break options to accept from. Ferries are the coolest approach for centralized biking and if you pre-book, you can get bargain tickets.

Sri Lanka:

This one’s an ideal mix of beaches, mountains, chance activities and nightlife. A short, bargain flight from India agency you can absorb added on your holiday. Adaptation options ambit from homestays to clandestine villas that aren’t expensive.


Historically assorted and beautiful, Turkey is a pocket-friendly European country. From the alive marketplaces to accomplished restaurants and world-famous spas, Istanbul offers a affluent acquaintance to honeymooners.

As per biking account experts, these are the hottest amusement destinations for this season.

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