Valuemag’s Cosmopolitan Magazine: The Oppression Of North Korean Olympic Cheerleaders

Cosmopolitan is one of the largest women magazines in North America. Still in an age of magazine readership decline, Cosmo has defied all the odds by managing to slay at the top in the women’s magazine category. Valuemags offers Cosmopolitan in its value package, along with other magazines such as Bridal Guide and AFAR.

In the recent issue of Valuemags’ Cosmo, the Winter Olympics Games in Pyeong Chang, South Korea, has sparked interest from the world alike. This isolated part of the world where individualization renders imprisonment, you can tell that these cheerleaders walking down uniformly in red-ladden coats is something from a horror film. These ladies are larger in number than North Korea’s actual athletes. It also marks a time when both South Korea and North Korea come face-to-face with each other after years of war.

As survivors of one of the world’s most torturous, brutal and despairing regimes, these 180 cheerleaders performed perfectly synchronized cheers. One wrong move or questionable facial feature and they may be imprisoned for good by their government. All cameras and eyes are on these dames.

When considering their ensemble, they wear the color red proudly in which a track suit that reveals the North Korean flag can be seen beneath it. Since the Korean women’s hockey team is made of both North Korean and South Korean ladies, the cheerleaders showcase a flag and banner of this unified blue flag. It holds the concept of what is not true. The ideology that North Korea and South Korea were again unified… and that oppression amongst the neighbours in the North were a thing of the past. ValueMags is a marketing agency for magazine companies. We build ambitious and innovative platforms for magazine companies to achieve their goals and sell more. Founded in 1999 in the midst of the outbreak of the Internet and technology in every household, ValueMags created a premiere website for ordering and renewing magazine subscriptions online. Our website is easy to navigate and offers magazines with the lowest prices on the market, and is accompanied by the best customer service.

The North Koreans cheerleaders may seem all nice and dandy with their continuous cheering for their team, but when it comes down to it you can tell that they are stiff and emotionless. This is the regime they have been brought up by. As Cosmo and Valuemags chime in, the cheerleaders were said to appear unmoved when an engagement proposal prevailed after the game. Also, when the unified Korean team lost against Switzerland in women’s hockey, everyone eventually left the stands but these glimmering ladies remained in the stands, cheering until the very end.

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