What Causes Hair Extensions To Tangle and How To Prevent It

Tangled hair extensions can be a mess to deal with. You can do the following to detangle your extensions and keep them looking fabulous and tamed.

Hair extensions have changed the lives of many women. But a lot of women make mistakes after getting extensions, by forgetting that it’s not their natural hair. Because extensions are not growing out of your scalp, you need to do a lot more to maintain how they look. If you leave hair extensions unattended, or if you use the wrong products on them or mishandle them in any way, you will end up with a tangled mess. There are various reasons why hair extensions tangle. One, changes in weather, such as temperature, humidity and rain, can interfere with the texture of your extensions and cause frizzing. Two, products that contain alcohol and other strong chemicals will cause drying and when extensions dry, they start to fuse with each other. Harmful products build up on your hair shaft with time and this is what causes the dryness. Three, using the wrong tools, such as heat treatment tools and brushes will also cause frizzing and tangling. Four, lack of a hair care routine will cause your hair to start tangling. Five, overdoing your routine is also a bad thing. If you frequently blow dry, curl your hair extensions too often, use thermal sprays daily, this will cause matting and tangling.

Learning what causes tangling will help you to come up with ways to protect your hair extensions. The first thing you should do is to invest in the right hair brush. Brushes used on natural hair will not work on extensions because they don’t work well to distribute natural oils from the scalp to the extensions. Discuss the right hair brush choices with your hair dresser and also your options of cheap hair extensions from Perth that don’t tangle easily. Once you have the right brush, use it on your hair at least 2 times daily, taking care to brush from the ends and working your way up to the scalp. Avoid brushing your extensions when they are wet. Even with the right brush, wet hair extensions will get damaged when brushed. The second way to prevent tangling is to have a night routine that you should never skip before going to bed. For instance, you should tie the extensions in a loose braid, you should avoid going to bed with wet extensions and you should also wear a silk bonnet. Your bed sheets should also be silk or satin, as other types of sheets will get balls of lint in the extensions.

Thirdly, the products you use must be specially formulated for hair extension care. The products you choose must be sulphates-free as products containing sulphates tend to be drying. You should also use a weekly hair mask in order to deep nourish your hair and soften it. Fourth, avoid exposing your hair extensions to heat or chemical treatments. You can achieve curl and volume using rollers or plaiting, without exposing your hair to heat. Lastly, maintaining your extensions is the only way to be tangle-free as they cannot look good as long as you invest time and money and give them tender loving care.

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