What To Wear To A Blind Date

A first date will always cause some butterflies in the stomach and throw up the age old dilemma of what to wear. If you know anything about the person you are meeting you might be in a reasonable position to make a good decision about your outfit. You may be aware of their tastes or maybe they have commented on your wardrobe before but what if you have never met your date and know nothing about them? It is vital to make a good first impression and to give off the right signals so what should you chose to wear?


Naturally your choice of outfit will be partly dependent on the location of your date. You will want to dress up for a meal at a smart restaurant and down for a night at the pub. If you haven’t visited the chosen venue before then do your homework and ask around. You don’t want to make your grand entrance into what you thought was a back street bistro bedecked in distressed denim only to discover that it is a Michelin starred restaurant where jeans are frowned upon. On the other hand you are going to look somewhat self-obsessed walking into the local pub in a Gucci cocktail dress.

The Finances

It always seems rather unfortunate to make money an issue but in the case of dressing for a blind date it actually is one. You may not know the background and financial circumstances of the person you are seeing or the circles that they move in. Dressing in overtly costly and extravagant clothes could intimidate your prospective partner but a cheap outfit from Primark will be a turn-off your guy turns out to wealthy. You should be able to make some reasonable assumptions from their choice of venue but if you decided where to meet then you really are shooting in the dark and may already have blown it with that decision! Find out as much as you can and act accordingly. if you are short on information then consider the type of venue and go for something appropriately smart or casual which is well made but with no obvious labels and logos.

Trendy or Classical

Your date could be a traditionalist and wearer of classic tailoring but on the other hand they could be a fashion conscious trend setter. If pictures of your date are posted online then take a sneaky peak to see what they are wearing. This will only tell you what they like to wear themselves but should yield valuable information about their general tastes. If you are totally in the dark then go for the middle line which may not blow them away but which at least shouldn’t totally scare them off.

Sex Appeal

Obviously you will want to look attractive and at your best but being too overtly sexy will give off all of the wrong messages. They already know you are a possible mate as you have turned up for the date so you don’t need to go all out to advertise your availability and revealing clothing could suggest that your focus is not on getting to know them! When you meet your date for the first time you need to know that they are interested in your personality. Getting to know you could be difficult when they are distracted by your chest! Leave the low cut tops and short skirts at home if you want to make a great impression, to look classy and to be sure that your man is not only after one thing.

Standing Out

There are many things to consider when choosing your outfit and there is always the danger that a safety first approach will leave you looking unremarkable when you want to stand out from the crowd. If you think your chosen look may not be striking enough then liven it up with a great piece of jewellery or funky accessories which will be eye catching and add personality to your outfit.

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