3 Steps to a Simple, Effective Small Business Website

Your small business website can be one of the most important elements of your business. So many current and potential customers will explore a company’s website before taking any other action. When you have a simple, effective small business website, its visitors can learn about what you have to offer and take the next step. This next step could be contacting your company, or better yet, making a buying decision. Take these three steps to make sure that your website serves its customers, helping increase overall profits and growth.

Sleek Design

Today’s customers expect intuitive design when they visit a website. Any website that is delayed or clunky will likely cause the visitor to leave. The sleek design style is simple and attractive to visitors. Strong images and labeled buttons can elevate the design but not make it more complicated. When it comes to business website design, simple is better for all types of visitors.

Easy to Navigate

If your website is too difficult to navigate, it can be a deterrent for website visitors. Any visitor should be able to easily find a page on your website in just a few clicks. Your website should have a balance between providing information to visitors, but not have any unnecessary pages. No matter what the website visitor is looking for, they should be able to find it through clearly labeled homepage buttons or simple menus.

Prominent Contact Information

When a current or potential customer wants to contact you, it should be easy to find the right information. Add your company’s contact information to each and every page as part of your business website design. Your address, phone number, and email address should all be prominent no matter where a website visitor is on your website. Quick tip, make sure your phone number is clickable so smartphone visitors can simply click your phone number right from the webpage to initiate a phone call. You can also add your business hours or fax number if applicable to website visitors.

As you design or redesign your small business website, make sure to follow these three steps. A sleek design, easy navigation, and prominent contact information can truly benefit your visitors and company. If your website can provide a great experience for visitors, your business has a better chance of capturing their contact information or even selling a product or service.

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