3 Things To Consider About Cold Storage

Summer is coming, it is getting hotter every day and most food products cannot withstand these temperatures – so we put them in the refrigerator. But how do gastronomical establishments keep their food and beverages fresh? The answer is cold storage! If you are are a restaurant proprietor-to-be, or new in the business, you definitely have to think about cold storage, especially here in the UAE.
Here are 3 things you have to consider about cold storage:

1. Volume:

A cold storage’s purpose is to keep products fresh until – and sometimes even past – the expiration date, but you have to keep in mind, that the food can and will spoil when stored for too long. So invest enough time to calculate how much space is required to match your needs, so you are not tempted to store more food than necessary, or have too much unused space that has to be expensively cooled down.

3 Things To Consider About Cold Storage

2. Insurance:

After you have found the perfect sized cold storage, you have to think about an insurance. Who will be held responsible when the cooling system fails and all your stored goods spoil? Will that party reimburse you for the damage caused? Or maybe you will notice early enough to move your products to a different storage, but who will cover the costs for the new storage and the transportation? Nothing is impeccable, so be on the safe side – discuss all possible scenarios with the storage company and your insurance company. Some storage companies will provide insurance, just ask for clarification about what exactly their insurance covers before you sign a contract.

3. The Right Way of Storing:

Every day tonnes of food go bad before the expiration date is reached – despite using cold storage. How can that happen? Different kinds of food require different temperatures, so storing them in a wrong temperature will actually speed up the spoiling process. Dairy goods require a temperature around 10°C, the max. temperature for egg products and fresh meat is 4°C, while processed meat and other easily perishable food can be stored at temperatures up to 7 °C. Therefore make an inquiry about your products’ ideal temperatures, as well as the different temperatures within your cold storage, so you can store the goods in the best possible spot.

Fresh food is the key to a successful gastronomy – and a cold storage is the key to fresh food. So keep these 3 things about cold storage in mind before and while using it, to get the maximum out of it – cost and usage wise. Voilà, you are good to go!

This article was provided by MoveSouq.com – an online home services portal that helps people in the UAE get quotes for different sized storage units in Dubai.

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