4 Delicious Apps For Serious Foodies

Is your Facebook account flooded with photographs of food?

Is your mission “live to eat”?

Do you know about every newly launched restaurant in your area?

Are your friends always asking recommendations for cafes and new dishes from you?

Is diet the funniest four letter word for you?

Do you love food more than people?

If you shouted a yes on all the above questions, you must have the below listed 5 apps installed in your phone. You may even have one or two already in your phone. Here is a list of apps which every food lover should know about and take full advantage of:


If you are a pizza lover and don’t have this app in your phone, you are living under rocks! Dominos needs no introduction! The next time you see pizza pictures on your laptop and find your heart crying for eating them, do not wait. Order your favourite cheesy pizza instantly by placing an order through this app quickly and easily. They even have a 30 minutes guarantee for delivery to speed up their delivery process. Buy in a hassle free manner here and make payments securely without worrying about any transactional theft situation. Although Dominos keeps introducing new schemes for its members, you can increase your savings by taking advantage of Dominos offers found on DealDikhao.com to not just get heavenly discounts but also wonderful cash back.

4 Delicious Apps For Serious Foodies


You are sad, you need food. You saw a tempting offer on burger, you need food. You are going through an emotional turmoil, you need food. Being a foodie, never run out of reasons to gorge on scrumptious food. Heck! You don’t even need any reason! Hunger can strike foodies anytime and anywhere! It is why you must have this app by your side to fight your cravings! Order from a variety of cuisines and enjoy yummy meals from your favourite restaurants. They even offer exclusive deals and vouchers for their members on a regular basis. Delight in the joy of more savings in the form of discounts and cash back when you place an order using Foodpanda offers via DealDikhao.com.

4 Delicious Apps For Serious Foodies


Before you head out for your dinner or book an exclusive romantic evening with your spouse, make sure that you check online reviews here by real people to know about the real pictures. Every restaurant posts beautiful pictures in its gallery filled with further images of mouth-watering dishes and excellent feedback from customers. But the rosy image they depict might not all be true. This is why you must check Zomato for knowing the true performance of a restaurant by reading experiences of people who have actually been there.

4 Delicious Apps For Serious Foodies


If you have a penchant for your own Indian food and love to cook new dishes, this app will add many flavors to your life. You can find a big collection of Indian recipes here, approximately over 12,000. You can find your way to find a recipe as per your requirements easily as the entire information has been listed here in an organized and comfortably accessible manner.

4 Delicious Apps For Serious Foodies

You can even benefit from the calorie calculation engine if you are following a specific diet. Search for the ingredients list, instructions and recipe steps to get started on your new cooking experiment. For a better experience, you can even customize the app by specifically hunting for oil free or low calories dishes. And always know what to serve next to your guests by adding your favourite dishes to My favourites!

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