40 inch LED TV – The Most Preferred Size by Indian Homes

A good looking TV has become a must for every home. With different TV sizes in the market, everyone will be looking for the best one that perfectly suits their expectations. Most of the present generation prefer 40 inch LED TV to enjoy much better viewing experience. This is a decent size to select for a decent home at a decent budget. Since there are several brands available in the market, it is a really a good idea to enter one of the best online comparison cum sales store to have a look at the updated features and rates of the leading 40 inch LED TVs in the Indian market to select the right one. Here are some of the fast-moving brands in the market.

40 inch LED TV – The Most Preferred Size by Indian Homes

  1. Vu 98cm (39 inch) Full HD LED Smart TV (LED40K16)

This is one of the best 40 inch led tv in india to select from a tight budget. Now everyone can fulfil the dream of having a 40-inch TV without worrying about the budget. This device is designed with all of the excellent features of a smart TV. Its sleek and stylish design easily arrests the eyes of everyone and also gives a fantastic look to the home. Now it is your time to change the old TV and to get this best TV to turn your home a mini theatre to watch the favorites in full spirit.

This TV is powered with A+ grade panel with HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 to deliver the pictures with high quality and clarity. The Digital Noise Reduction technology assures a decent quality for the picture. Even though the audio output of 14W make most of the people to take a deep guess, it can be adjusted since the device provides better connectivity with 3 HDMI and 2 USB ports. The TV is supported with Quad-core internet Video Processor to assure fast and smooth browsing experience. In all terms, this TV is really worth the investment.

Vu Full HD LED Smart TV brings the perfect mix of amazing features at affordable rates

  1. LG 100cm (40 inch) Ultra HD (4K) LED TV (40UF670T)

LG has become one of the most loved brands for 40 inch Ultra HD or 4K TV in the country. This is excellently designed with hard plastic polished cabinet and thin bezels. The overall look of the TV is really stunning and it looks like a real screen when it is mounted on the walls. LG has taken every effort to provide the best in smart features for the cost. This is one of the brands recommended by the experts for those who seriously search for the best deal in 40 Inch TV in the market.

This 4K LED TV has HD resolution of 3840 x 2160 supported by Triple XD Engine. You can feel the real life in the picture quality behind the screens. The crystal clear picture really adds the thrill of watching the favorite programs on the 40-inch screen. The total audio output of 20W is more than enough to feel the real Dolby Digital experience in the home. There are 2 HDMI and 1 USB ports for connectivity. Display quality and price factors are what attract a good portion of the customers towards LG 100cm (40 inch) Ultra HD (4K) LED TV (40UF670T).

LG makes you fall in love with the 40 inch 4K LED TV.

  1. Samsung RM40D 101.6cm (40 inches) Full HD SMART Signage TV

Samsung is one of the most preferred brands for TVs around the world for its perfect balance between the cost and features. The brand keeps its signature in the style statement. The sleek design is more than enough to bring the real surprise in the table or in the wall. Most of the people who are in both online and offline store love to have a look at this Samsung 40 Full HD smart TV before taking the final decision. It is really difficult to walk back from the store without placing the order for this TV.

This device is supported with professional grade IPS panel to give excellent quality for the picture. You can certainly feel the life behind the screens. The surround sound system with 20W audio output assures a decent sound quality. The company provides 3 years of warranty for this product and you can make the investment on this device with a completely satisfied mind. Wi-Fi Direct and Wi-Fi Hotspot help you to connect the devices seamlessly.

Samsung gives superb experience in connecting the devices.

  1. Panasonic 100cm (40 inch) Full HD LED TV (TH-40E400D)

A 40 Inch Full HD LED TV for a cost that falls below Rupees 30,000. Yes, this is what Panasonic gives you through this TV. The device has all of the features that you expect from a decent Full HD LED TV. Its display quality, style, and cost are what attract most of the customers to have this TV. If you feel it is the time to enhance the viewing experience with a 40 inch LED TV at an affordable rate, then this is the right product to select from. Panasonic is one of the most trusted brands in TVs in select from.

This 40-inch TV is supported with IPS panel with HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 powered with a refresh rate of 200 Hz. This is more than enough the give the real perfection for the picture and to experience the real difference in watching live sports. The device is also powered by Vivid Digital Pro technology to give the crystal clear quality to the picture. Apart from these, the Adaptive Backlight Dimming features give the best in deep black for dark and bright whites for white to give the real life to picture. Two HDMI and one USB ports assure better connectivity.

Panasonic brings better display quality for lowest price.

An effective comparison in accordance with the cost and features of these leading 40 Inch LED TVs brands in India helps you a lot in selecting the right one that better suit your expectation and budget. Here comes the importance of reputed online stores like Killerfeatures. Visit the store to find the best deals on 40 Inch LED TVs in India.

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