5 Financial Mistakes of New Entrepreneurs


Embracing the financial risks of being a new entrepreneur is a massive challenge for most business owners. Risking your capital in an uncertain venture proves to be unbearable for the majority of individuals.

Some entrepreneurs start their businesses making foolish financial mistakes. Identify any excessive emotion which you are experiencing before going into business for yourself. Deep greed, intense fear or unrealistic hopefulness can goad you into make poor financial decisions which cripple your business.

Going Too Deeply into Debt to Start their Business

Never let optimism get in the way of good judgment. Budding entrepreneurs who want to grow their ventures should never sacrifice their peace of mind by taking dangerous risks. Getting a second mortgage on your home or running up $100,000 worth of credit card debts are risky propositions. If your new business experience does not pan out you will be plagued by bankruptcy.

Start smart. Set some cash aside. Use debt sparingly to raise money for your new business opportunity.

Not Setting Up a Separate Business Account

Separate business and personal accounts for bookkeeping purposes. Keeping track of business and personal expenses on different ledgers helps you to effectively grow your venture while taking care of your personal financials.

Stop dipping into your personal account for business purposes. Open a business account at your bank.

Being Too Conservative Financially

Many new entrepreneurs are terrified of failing. This deep, intense fear influences them to take few financial risks with their entrepreneurial ventures. Almost every successful business hinged on financial risked incurred to make it successful.

Understand that you will rarely move forward as an entrepreneur unless you are willing to embrace financial uncertainty. Fall in love with the idea of giving yourself a chance instead of taking chances to grow your venture.

Do not wait for 5 years to pad your savings to a comfortable level. Save enough to pay your bills and put some money away for about 6 months to enter your venture with a fire in your belly and hunger to succeed.

Running a business for the first time requires you to be an aggressive, confident, risk-taking individual to make thing work.

Missing out on Deductions

If you are willing to learn about business tax and the various deductions which can be claimed you can save yourself a small fortune come tax time. Hire a certified tax professional to capitalize on deductions. Patiently work through any business-related expenses to save yourself money.

Document all business related expenses. Make sure to hold onto all receipts related to business-related dinners, or purchases for your home office to capitalize on one of the chief financial benefits of being an entrepreneur.

Not Using Creative Means to Boost Cash Flow

Not familiarizing yourself with different forms of commercial financing  like invoice factoring can greatly affect your business growth. Creative ways of means of raising capital can accelerate your business success. Research various financial instruments before starting your business. New entrepreneurs who are cash strapped need all the weapons they can use to grow their venture from day one.

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