5 Social Media Sites You Can’t Afford To Do Without

Social media provides a connection between people and does so perhaps in a way no other medium matches. In the early days of the Internet, community boards did the trick. Today, those communities have largely disappeared or become niche places for people to interact. Social media is the replacement and to extend your reach fully, there are five sites you can’t afford to do without.

5 Social Media Sites You Can’t Afford To Do Without

  1. Facebook. It goes without saying that Facebook is the largest social media site on the planet, connecting more than one billion users worldwide. Its reach is extensive, its influence isn’t always understood. Let’s put it this way — there are people who use Facebook and forego the search engines. Not only should you use Facebook for your personal interaction, but you should do likewise with your business. Set up a business page and update it regularly. Gain a following and you’ll direct people to your site. You can run contests on Facebook too as well as offer specials.
  2. Twitter. After Facebook, Twitter holds sway. Its a very simple way for companies to connect with their customers. Some businesses use it to allow customers to share complaints as well as praises. Naturally, it can backfire if not used properly — you’ll want to button down your site to ensure that nothing odd gets through. Just the same — learn the ins and outs of Twitter and you’ll have a social media tool that may prove the most valuable. Ask your SEO professional how you might best make use of this indispensable tool advises bestseocompanies.com.
  3. Google Plus. When it comes to search media, Google Plus doesn’t always get the respect it deserves. However, there is one important reason for using this site —

Google search. The sheer breathe of Google search ensures that a spotlight is cast upon Google Plus and that light comes in the form of search engine preference. Not sure that is true? Just give it a try — set up your account, share an update and use the goo.gl URL shortener to give your information the attention it deserves. Then, watch Google give it the attention you might never had expected.

  1. LinkedIn. How does LinkedIn work in the grand scheme of things? Its a business social media site and should be treated as such. Where the other sites are essentially free range, LinkedIn is more formal. However, it can provide for you an edge that the others simply cannot deliver, especially when you want to connect with business colleagues, competitors, and corporate customers. If you’re particularly adept at writing, LinkedIn can provide a platform for sharing your articles of excellence. Business advice articles, of course.
  2. Pinterest. Why, Pinterest? For the simple reason it isn’t like any other site out there. Sure, Instagram comes close, but it doesn’t have the community vibe of Pinterest. With Pinterest you share your favorite photographs, artwork and similar medium and if people like what you have shared, they’ll do likewise. Pinterest provides a great avenue for any business with a visual presence — if that speaks to you, then you’ll have the reach others can only dream of.

Best of the Rest

The fabulous five listed here are not, of course, the only ways to connect with people on social media. Other sites that may have value for your purposes include Instagram, Reddit, Digg, and Quora. Each site has its own peculiarities and some may provide what you need where others miss the mark. Again, your SEO expert can help you here, offering tips or even directing your entire marketing campaign.

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