5 Things To Remember To Do Before You Go on Holiday

When booking a holiday, making sure your passport is in date, organizing travel insurance and currency is no doubt on your mind. People also have to be organized about medication and pet care. While everybody loves a good holiday, people don’t like leaving their home unattended.

5 Things To Remember To Do Before You Go on Holiday

Here are 5 things to remember to do before you go on holiday this year:

1. Get Your Boiler Checked

Maintaining your central heating boiler is important because boilers can play up during England’s changeable weather. Help prevent costly repairs and ensure that your domestic heating and hot water system is running efficiently. Use Gas Safe Corgi Registered heating engineers experienced in Boiler Installation in London. Before leaving, set your thermostat to 16 degrees or to the eco-setting. This helps prevent the disaster of frozen water and burst pipes and damage. Having some heat on can help prevent damp and condensation.

However, it’s best to note that there is still often debate about turning off utilities- companies such as JCH London should be able to advise you on the best course of action for your specific boiler.

2. No DIY!

While it may be entertaining to listen to mishaps on the radio or TV e.g. somebody who had drilled through a central heating pipe or suffered injury, this would be the last thing you need before a holiday! In fact, know your DIY limitations in general. If you want a project, invest in timing switches for extra security.

3. Dust Burglar Alarm Sensors

It is embarrassing if your neighbor tells you that your burglar alarm had been going off. Often this occurs for inconsequential reasons. Before your holiday, dust your alarm sensors and ensure there are no cobwebs.

4. Arrange for Somebody to Keep an Eye on Your House

They can ensure there is no post visible in the letterbox or building up on the mat. Nothing announces an empty house better than easily seen leaflets and mail. Or ask the Royal Mail for their keep safe service.

You must lock all doors and windows and the gate, but ask your helper to check them.

Your friend or relative could unplug any small appliances you had forgotten about, or spot a dripping faucet.

Leave out a spare smoke alarm battery in case it beeps.

Remove excess freezer ice before going away. A small excess can prevent the freezer door from fully closing and affect food hygiene.

This may be missed if you don’t draw their attention to it, so do ask your helper to check for this problem.

For milk or other perishable food, tell your trusted person to use it.

Do water your plants before going away and ask for help.

Ask them to move your bins for emptying.

5. Be Social Media Savvy

Many people share a Facebook countdown showing the number of days until their holiday, or show photos during their break. This draws attention to an empty house. How many people would know your house is empty if you did this?

Finally, do take a considered savvy approach for organizing home matters prior to going away. Ask a trusted friend or family member for help to keep an eye on things. Focussing on your house safety and security is crucial for peace of mind.

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