9Apps: The Best Android Apps Store


Why choose 9Apps?

Google play store has a number of apps, so more the number of apps the more confused the user would be. Some of the apps also have malicious viruses that can be harmful to the performance of the device. While in 9apps every app is uploaded only after a proper safety test. The 9Apps is quite small in size and takes only near about 4 MB of space. 9Apps is a play store like the Google play store, with added features like apps, games, ringtones, wallpapers etc. Out of all the android apps stores it is considered to be the best. However, this app store needs to be downloaded separately, unlike the other app stores. Being an app store itself it cannot be found on the Google play store and needs to be downloaded and installed from a third party source. You can customize the 9Apps according to your preferences. Plus, you can clean the junk files from your smartphones with using the 9Apps cleaner, which automatically activates just after you install the 9Apps to your smartphone.

What are the requirements for using 9Apps on your device?

You need to have a device with Android version or any higher version in order to run this app store on your device. 9Apps can b downloaded for free. You do not have to pay anything for downloading it and also you are not required to pay anything to download and install it. As of now, 9Apps is not available on IOS but in it would be available for IOS users shortly, till then you can use it on your iOS device by using an Android emulator. 9Apps store and all the apps that are listed on it are 100 per cent safe to download and are also virus free. Every app present on it are tested and scanned first for malicious codes, if they pass the test then only then are made available for download.

What are the key features of the 9Apps, which make it stand out?

  • The 9apps app is quite user-friendly and has different categories that make it quite convenient for users.
  • It is a highly optimised app and has been developed keeping in mind the people of India, Indonesia, Pakistan and Bangladesh.
  • It is a lightly weighted app, which assures that no technical glitches take place. Also, the lower size of the application increases the download speed.
  • It is one of the best third-party app stores, although there are a number of other third-party stores this is rated as the best amongst all.
  • Even though it is a third party app, it is free from any type of virus. It has strict rules and policies regarding malicious content.
  • 9Apps has a huge collection of wallpapers and ringtones, which you can download without spending a single penny.
  • It also has Apk files in its store that no other android market provides you.
  • The 9Apps makes sure that it provides applications and games from trusted sources only.
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