A BHM Degree from A Top Institute Can Accelerate Your Career

Fast pace of globalisation and economic liberalization has opened up border. This all has immensely benefitted a lot of industries and sectors who are thriving. Thanks to the easy movement of goods, people and technologies across borders. Even amongst this, the travel and tourism industry stands out as the single largest beneficiary of an increasingly globalised world.

A BHM Degree from A Top Institute Can Accelerate Your Career

Tourism is a happening sector in India with each year its overall share in the GDP showing a marked increment. It is a massive employment generator employing millions of people; also it is a major source of foreign exchange in India. Ours is a land rich in its wildlife, cultural heritage, monuments, cuisine, etc. India in fact is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world owing to its vast natural beauty, wildlife sanctuaries, art and craft, abundance of flora and fauna, pristine beaches, historical monuments, plethora of majestic architectures, religious places of prominence and a rich cultural heritage among other tourist attraction of significance. The government aware of its importance is also leaving no stone unturned in promoting travel and tourism industry in India.

A degree in hotel management from top university in UP for hotel management prepares students for management level positions in the hospitality industry like hotel general management and restaurant management.

A hotel management graduate can work in a plethora of organizations related to hospitality industry. They can find meaningful working opportunities in resorts, hotels, restaurants, casinos, tour agencies, etc. A degree in hotel management from top university in UP for hotel management provides a definite edge to the candidates in an immensely competitive job market. There are basically four types of degrees awarded in hotel management. They are mentioned as following:

  • Associate degree in hospitality management
  • Bachelor Degree in Hospitality Management
  • Master Degree in Hospitality Management
  • Doctorate Degree in Hospitality Management

Career Oportunities and Scope in Hotel Management

Career opportunities open to you if you are a hotel management graduate are plenty. You can work at a managerial level in different types of resorts, hotels, restaurants, etc. You can also pursue a career in travel or tourism industry, choose to opt for event planning management or start your own business.

A Bachelor in Hotel Management (BHM) degree program is designed to provide a candidate with comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of a hotel’s operations and services. Modern and relevant courses offered by a top quality institute intends to develop pertinent and industry specific skills of the candidates with regard to hotel management. Students are given lectures as well as practical training in front office management, staff training, guest services, operations management, inventory management and food and beverage services and management among others. Keeping in mind the growing popularity of chartered cruises and flights, some quality institutes have also expanded the scope of their curriculum to provide courses like cruise service management and aviation services management.

Eligibility Criteria

A Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM) is an undergraduate course. It means that you need to have passed your 10+ 2 exam with minimum 50 per cent of marks. There are many institutes who offer diploma and certificate course in hotel management. You can choose to pursue it if you do not have cleared your Intermediate exam or for one reason or another are interested in pursuing a course with promises of quick return on your investment. Majority of the top quality hotel management institutes will conduct either their own personal competitive test or accept the score of some national level test. You need to do well in these to obtain admission in a well-known institute.

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