A Culinary Trial To Hyderabad Trying The City’s Timeless Classic Dishes

Hyderabad is surely understood for some things, however, the two standouts are its food and the doors it opens for sightseeing. On the off chance that all you need to do on a visit is eat and check out the food of a new place, you can do just that in Hyderabad. The food is amazing and the variety is unlimited.

Some people travel halfway across the globe just in search of good food. Culinary visits are a trending thing especially amongst the food bloggers and food enthusiasts. These people do not care about the tourist sites in the city, if the place is a nice place for a holiday or if the condition of the places are favourable, all they need is good food and if word gets to them that they can find something unique in that particular place, they will waste no time in visiting the place. One of the best culinary trail you can tread upon in India is Hyderabad. Hyderabad can be approached from any parts of the country. Jaipur to Hyderabad flights see a good deal of tourists and foodies as they start their culinary trial exploring the cuisine and cooking styles of the Rajputs from Rajasthan and then head down to Hyderabad to learn of the Mughal style of cooking from the kitchens of the Nizams.



In the event that you are an avid lover of Biryani, you will be pleased to learn that this is the ultimate home of the much loved Biryani. Biryani is one of the trademark dishes of India loved all over the world. The preparation is elaborate and takes hours of preparations. For this dish, meat and rice are cooked separately The meat goes through a series of marination before being cooked and once down the two are merged together and cooked in a huge pot with the lit sealed to stop the steam from the pot to escape.


Daintily cut beef/chicken are stacked upon each other, penetrated through in the center with a metal pole and set on a warming machine giving out low warmth and put to gradually cook itself for quite a long time. What do you get after all that? The delicate succulent meat for your shawarma. This moderate cooked meat is further daintily cut vertically with a sharp blade onto a pita bread and decorated with finely chopped vegetables and mayonnaise before rolled up to take the last shape a shawarma does.

Murg do Pyaza

An absolute must-try meat dish, this exquisite chicken dish is cooked in the correct Hyderabadi flavors with onions being the fundamental ingredient. Not only are the onions added while cooking the dish, but some are further sautéd and added as a garnish at the end of the dish. The gravy left at the end of the dish is heavy and thick and only enough to coat the meat.


You can’t talk about Hyderabadi cooking without giving a mention to the delicious Nihari. It can be both of beef or lamb. This dish requires the meat to be cooked in a slow meat for hours and hours until it gets tender to the point that it simply melts in your mouth. Mutton Nihari is one of the most popular and loved Hyderabadi dish.

Mirchi ka Salan

On the off chance that zesty and spicy food is right up your alley, rest assure you will fall in love with this unique Hyderabadi dish. Predominantly made utilizing anaheim pepper (the huge green chilies you find in your local market), this dish has a thick and grainy sauce. The thickness of the sauce comes in light of the utilization of grounded peanuts and coconut milk.

Don’t just taste these dishes, but try to learn how to make them as this is the place where you will get to learn the real authentic style of Hyderabadi cooking.

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