A Fleeting Visit To Gurgaon On Your Trip To Delhi

Gurgaon is an excellent city. The city is as yet developing which is the reason you will see development works going ahead in each alcove and corner of the city which causes a little obstruction to the city, yet apart from that, the spots that as of now exists are sufficient to demonstrate to you an awesome time in the city.

It just took a couple of years for Gurgaon to change from a small unknown city to the one we know of today. Today, the city is a standout amongst the most commercially well known cities in India where most corporate organizations have their Indian headquarter office set up. It is easily reachable from the national capital via a Delhi to Gurgaon cab. Gurgaon makes for a great fleeting visit for youngsters in Delhi during weekends as there are many cool places to hang out and enjoy themselves. Mentioned below are the most popular spots in Gurgaon.

A Fleeting Visit To Gurgaon On Your Trip To Delhi

Aapno Ghar Amusement Park

This is one park where you can see both the children and the grown-ups enjoy the rides. This amusement park is an impeccable visit for people of any age group. The grown ups can revisit their childhood here and that makes it an experience worthy of a visit.

The Kingdom of Dreams

This is a definitive entertainment mecca in Gurgaon. It has the well known ‘Nautanki Mahal’ hall with a seating capacity of 850. In this hall, various award shows, concerts, theatrical plays and various social events are held on a daily basis. You can also check out the various eatery stalls and restaurants at the popular cultural gully.

Food “n” fun village

Set up in 1993, the food “n” fun village can be found along the Old Delhi-Gurgaon interstate. It is a carnival with different sorts of rides and water parks. This spot is an absolute necessity visit while in Gurgaon. The design of the entire park is lovely and is one spot individuals of all age can go and appreciate! The kids can enjoy rides while the adults can sit back, relax and enjoy a nice meal. You will see various cars with the sticker of food ‘n’ fun village on their windshields.

Leisure Valley

Gurgaon is a proper corporate city with towering corporate buildings in all parts of the city. There are not really any sight of trees or lakes with the exception of in the condo complex where a little pool and garden are kept up. To get an appropriate sight of greeneries far from occupied activity, head over to leisure valley. This enormous park highlights everything from walking/running tracks, gardens, eateries, little rides for children and wellsprings. The main feature of fascinatio in this place is the music fountain.

While Gurgaon may not be the quintessential holiday destination, there is no doubt you should pay a visit to this city if you are in Delhi. If you stay in the more posh area of Delhi, which is the Southern part, you can reach the city in just under an hour. The Gurgaon to Delhi distance considering from North or Central Delhi is quite far, however, if you choose to stay in South Delhi, which you should, then Gurgaon will be incredibly accessible to you.

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