A Groom’s Guide To Limousine Hires Services

Your wedding is perhaps the most special and precious day in your life and so it makes sense if you want to ensure that its unforgettable, fun and something people talk about for years. The majority of couples around the world try to plan their wedding in as much advance as they possibly can. Planning in advance ensures that nothing is left to chance and also that you get the best rates.

However, when it comes to planning your wedding there are a number of things that have to prioritized in advance. Things like choosing a wedding venue, flower decorations, transportation and settling upon a date and time are some of the most important things to bear in mind. A luxurious limousine will be required if you want to celebrate your wedding with superior social status and high exposure.

This is why limousines are often considered a must have for almost all weddings. Limos also symbolize wealth, class and power mainly because it is often used by the rich and famous.

What is your budget?

This is one of the most important things you should consider when hiring a limousine because limos can be expensive. If you have a tight budget you can still hire a limousine provided that you make a few compromises. Below we discuss a few tips which should help you hire a limousine for your wedding.

Hiring one limo for every transport route can be expensive

If you’re going to hire a limousine for everyone it will end up being very expensive. A cheaper alternative would be to instead hire a limousine which is spacious enough to accommodate everyone.

This will allow you to transport most of the guests in the same limo at the same time as opposed to transporting them in separate limos. That said there are a number of different types of limousines which are available depending on the overall style and total number of passengers that will be traveling. If there are many guests you may probably want to hire a coach or party bus that can house 35 passengers.

Not every limousine hire company is the same

The fact is that all limousine companies tend to be slightly different in terms of the cars they offer, the price and the service they offer. If you want to travel in luxury you’ll need to look beyond just a low price tag and also consider other variables like drinks, red carpet, limo replacement in case of a mechanical fault etc. Many services have packages that include everything so you may be better off buying a wedding  package.

Reserve your limo months in advance

Reserving your limousine a few months in advance will help you save money plus save you from lots of last moment leg work. You should reserve a limousine around 4 weeks prior to your wedding. Once the limousine has been reserved you should then confirm your reservation a month or so before the wedding.

Compare rates

When you want to find the lowest rates to service ratio you need to compare rates and services. Get quotes from other similar limo hire companies in your area and compare what they are offering. Also take into consideration complimentary extras like onboard drinks, red carpet etc. you should also make sure that you always hire the latest model limousine which has a lower probability of breaking down. That said it should be within your budget. You shouldn’t have to spend more than you can afford as it will just result in debt.

How are the rates structured?

Every limousine service structures their prices slightly differently. Many would charge depending on the distance while others will charge by the hour. You’ll need to figure out what will work out cheaper and more convenient for you. Compare both hourly and distance rates and pick the cheapest option out of them all.

Hiring a limousine for your wedding is the best thing you can do if you want people to remember it and enjoy. However, it pays to think in advance and book your vehicle months in advance. Also plan your wedding during the off season as this will enable you to get mega discounts from rental companies.

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