A Typical Home Clearance – What To Expect

When getting down to a house clearance there are certain things you need to expect, especially if you’re a first timer! It won’t be completely stress free or easy, but with our helpful hints and tips, hopefully the burden will be lightened and you’ll know what to anticipate. Whether you choose to do the job on your own or hire a dependable and reputable clearance company this guide will outline the fundamental aspects of any home clearance task and how to deal with accidents, glitches or potential problems!

Organisation is paramount to any successful house clearance and junk disposal! It’s no good putting off a clear out, and if you’re moving house and need to be out by a certain date, then you’ll want to get cracking on that waste clearance! If you’ve just decided to carry out a delayed spring-clean, there’s also no need to dawdle and drag your feet. The sooner you get stuck into the clearance, the sooner it will be over and you can sit back and enjoy a well-deserved cuppa!

You’ll need to invest in some packing boxes before you attempt to sort through your belongings. If you’re resourceful and have the time, you can even visit your local supermarket and see if they have any discarded boxes they no longer need. When separating them into different piles of junk and recyclables, donations, for sale and to keep, it might be easier to place smaller items in boxes, so they don’t get all mixed up together. You can then label each box, either with a word, or better yet, with a coloured sticker! (e.g. blue for junk, red for items you want to keep etc.)

A Typical Home Clearance – What To Expect

Once you’ve completed the sorting process, don’t expect your house to look spotless just yet. This will only happen once you’ve started the waste removal process and dumped all your unwanted items. You will then begin to see a difference as more space is cleared and you can begin to enjoy the fruits of your hard labour!

There are several options available to you when you embark on junk removal. The first is to hire a clearance company and they will perform a tidy up and waste removal from start to finish, alleviating any stress. If they are a reputable company they will hold all the necessary permits and licenses to carry out safe and reliable rubbish disposal at local landfills or recycling plants. If asked they will even transport items at your request to local charity shops. Sticking to the issue of charity shops, they can have very high standards, so make sure you don’t try to offload any old tat on their doorstep. It will only be returned.

Another option is to take on the task yourself! This may not be as daunting or backbreaking as it sounds, not if you get some help from close friends or even neighbours willing to lend a hand. You can even see if your friends would like any of the stuff you no longer want for a reasonable price.

Getting rid of items you may have had valued for a fair penny, but no longer want in your home, is easier than you might think. If your au fait with the Internet why not register with an online auction site to try and shift any valuables and get some money! Or if you’re more ‘old-school’ you try flog your belongings, like jewellery or clothes and even an old coffee table at a car boot sale!

You’ll be surprised how a house clearance will start to flow once you get started. It’s all about dedication, commitment and efficiency. So don’t start stressing. Just use these useful tips as a guide to completing a well-organised and swift home clearance!

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