Academic Paper Topics: 25 Most Relevant Essay Topics of 2019/2020

The world is changing rapidly, opening the problems that were tossed out for years. They are discussed in news and studies by scholars. We encourage you to join the tendency and use one of the problems as a topic for your academic essay.

We’ll provide the ideas, but you’ll have to create the exact topics yourself. And remember, if it seems too difficult for you, you can ask a professional writer for a bunch of academic paper topics to choose from.

TOP Academic Paper Topics: Climate Change and How We Fight It

Climate change is a subject that is relevant to the whole population of our planet. There are countless theories and plans to save the Earth’s climate and keep it habitable. However, still little is done to actually prevent the disaster that may wait for us in the future.

Take up this topic and write about:

  1. The scientific explanations of climate change;
  2. Climate issues in your country or a country of your choice;
  3. Climate change and politics;
  4. What you would do if you were in charge of the plan to minimize the consequences of climate change;
  5. Two futures: the one where we’ve saved the planet and the one where we haven’t.

TOP Academic Paper Topics: Cybercrime and Online Presence

Cybercrime is still blooming, new methods of fraud appear every year with the development of technology and network. Governments all around the world try to stop computer crime, but theorists say some politicians use it to achieve their goals. The subject is intricate and requires a lot of research to find the correct information.

Here’s what you can write about:

  1. Cybercrime through the years;
  2. Avoiding identity theft and still enjoying online presence;
  3. The most famous computer virus attacks;
  4. The Dark Web: what we know about it;
  5. The craziest theories about cybercrime.

TOP Academic Paper Topics: Mental Health in the Modern World

The topic of mental health is sensitive to a lot of people, so you have to handle it with care. However, we have to talk about it and raise awareness because it’s still a red hot issue, especially among students. It’s time to be honest and open about mental health and the lack of care for it.

Consider writing about:

  1. Anxiety in students and why most of them don’t seek help;
  2. Mental health in the workplace;
  3. Types of depression and difference in brain function;
  4. The newest methods of curing depression;
  5. Your story of fighting a mental health condition if you had/have one and are OK with writing about it.

TOP Academic Paper Topics: Animal Cruelty and Neglect

The more attention we pay to fighting animal cruelty, the more hidden cases show up. This may be a difficult subject to write about, so think before you choose a narrow topic. If you’re interested but unwilling to see the sensitive material, choose something light, like:

  1. The ways to fight animal cruelty;
  2. Acts of kindness towards animals that can inspire;
  3. A story from your life that involves an animal and how they helped you or vice versa;
  4. Why animal cruelty must be fought against (it’s an obvious topic, but as we can see, some people don’t get it; add scientific facts to strengthen your point);
  5. Foundations and famous people fighting animal cruelty (focus on Hows, not Whos).

TOP Academic Paper Topics: Equality and Our Progress with It

Equality is still a topic of discussion, no matter how detailed it’s been explained and proposed. Nowadays, you can touch the subject from different sides: equality of race, gender, etc. Before writing, though, make sure you’re updated with all the news and events of the year. This will help you write a paper that will bring something new to the discussion.

Write about:

  1. Your story of learning about or fighting for equality;
  2. Equality and education;
  3. Equality of pay and how to finally get it;
  4. Country-specific issues equality-wise still to be addressed;
  5. The future of equality: how you see it.

Choose a Topic Wisely

Make sure you’re interested in the topic of your choice. Also, don’t pick a theme that is too general because the paper will lack depth and actual research. Narrow down the initial topic to find something you can study.

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