All You Need To Know About Enya and New Album Dark Sky Island

After enjoying the charm of four Grammy awards, sales of 75 million and six World Music Awards along with an Oscar nomination, an Ivor Novello, seven studio albums and a compilation on Paint The Sky With Stars and a Golden Globe nomination Enya is going to release the first studio album of her career Dark Sky Island on November 20,2015.

All You Need To Know About Enya and New Album Dark Sky Island

Enyais an Irish singer, song writer and instrumentalist born on 17 May 1961. In 1980 she joined her family band Clannad for a short time before leaving to perform solo in her show and start her career as musician.

She sang most of her songs in English whereas some of them were sung entirely in Latin or Irish language. The songs written entirely or partially in Spanish, Welsh and French languages as well as the languages created by J. R. R. Tolkien were also sung by Enya during her singing career.

As musician Enya created a blend of classical motifs, folk melodies and syn the sized backdrops in a distinctive style that resembled more closely to the new age than the Celtic and folk music that help edher initially in developing her influence.

In the spring of 2012 Enya started to work on Dark Sky Island with lyricist Roma Ryan and sound engineer and producer Nicky Ryan. The work of Roma on a number of islands the med poetry books including the island of Sark’shas inspired her to decide about using Dark Sky Island as the title of her latest album. The first song of this album was written as the title track for this collection.

The first single of this album, Echoes in Rain, is considered as the lead track of this album as it contains the over whelming temptation of the world for running behind the joy of life. The rhythmic style of this song rejoices the expectation of the end of a journey where as itseems to be adventurous like one of the hits of Enya, Orinoco Flow.

Another coincidence that links Echoes in Rain with its predecessor Orinoco Flow is that the later won global success after being recorded as the final song for the album Watermark where as this time the former, which is considered as the lead single, was recorded as the final track to complete this album.

In terms of music the album Dark Sky Island is a combination of naturally unified and extremely diverse production as multi-tracked layers of sound are lavishly used in this wide-screen picture sque album. The Humming is the opening track of this album which immediately highlights the catching magic of its subliminal work when you listen to it for the first time. Even In The Shadows, on the other hand, throbs the listeners with a consistent rhythm. I Could Never Say Goodbye reflects its beauty as a light song where as the blend of classical instruments and synthesisers used in Sancta Maria make it an unearthly song which can easily connect the listeners to their past and future both.


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