Are You a Victim of Defamation on The Web?

To defame anyone on the internet is much easier than publishing in any newspaper or conducting any TV program. What if the content is totally false and malicious? It is really a pity for someone, who has been defamed on the internet by publishing certain objectionable posts either in the form of blog, tweet or Facebook posting. The question is whether the information about you is true or false, but the perception about you among people who know will totally change.

Though there exists defamation removal law in the country, but challenging someone under this law is not an easy process. First of all, you have to know how to prove that the information is indeed a defamatory against you.

Can you really prove the content is false against you?

Most of the victims of defamation often wonder how to prove any posting or statement published on the internet against you is really false. Since, defamation law is a very complex one, you have to understand here, few points that will make certain things clear to you.

  • Suppose someone has posted certain offensive comments against you on the Fecebook post or in the tweet. Now, the comments may have been written in such a way that the writer of the comment and you understand it well. Other readers, who are reading the matter probably will not understand what the writer really means. However, you might be hurt by the false comment.
  • First and foremost thing is that you have to prove the statement against you is totally false. Having proved that you also need to prove that the statement is causing you real harm and affecting your business, earnings or your reputation in the public.
  • Suppose you have been successful enough to prove in the court of law that the statement made against you is false and further it has done damage to you. Having done that you need to quantify it in terms of money, how much damage it has caused you. This will be further contested by your opponent and you have to wait for the final verdict of the judge.

How people handle such case?

Most of the affected people usually avoid going to court as it is not only time consuming, but expensive and fruitless in some cases. Suppose someone has posted a nude photograph on the internet, then nothing can change the perception of people about you. Therefore, most of the people try to settle the case with mutual discussion and resolve it in the following way.

  • Seek apology posting

The victim may intimidate the publisher by threatening to sue him and bargain for apology letter or posting from him. In this way, he can partly salvage the damage caused to him.

  • Demand some money

The victim can settle with the offender by demanding some money, which may partly satisfy his ego. The offender may also think that it is better to get out of it by paying some money instead of fighting long legal battle.

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