Are You Dealing With Any Kind Of Cyberbullying?

All of us have been bullied in school or college by our seniors. We felt embarrassed, scared and humiliated with such treatment. Recently, ragging was banned by schools or colleges and whosoever was found ragging was either punished or restricted from premises. Even though all these measures were taken, bullying a junior was never stopped.

With the advance technology and science, the process of bullying has also changed. Now, children or adults are not bullied verbally, but are targeted through internet where once you leave a derogatory statement it stays forever. Even though you try to remove it, the entire world might have already seen it.

Many of you might relate to what we are talking about, but there was a time when parents used to spend quality time with children, made them aware of society and were always by their side. Now time has changed, parents are too busy with the tough competitive world and they prefer to keep their children occupied with new digital devices.

Such children are misled with gadgets and internet. Mean texting, messaging, video chatting, sharing photographs on social media and interactive gaming are few sources through which they become a victim of cyberbullying. This happens only with children and teenagers, when it comes to adults it takes a legal term.

Are You Dealing With Any Kind Of Cyberbullying?

Aaron Minc being an internet defamation lawyer has come across so many cases about cyberbullying and revenge porn that he always suggests adults to be very friendly with kids. He says not all children have courage to discuss the problem with their family. They try to fight alone, which results in suicide, introvert and fear of facing someone.

There are two options of cyber bullying

  • Direct attack
  • Proxy attack

Direct attack

Where a victim is directly bullied by the person through messages, emails, videos or photographs online and the victim recognizes the culprit.

Proxy attack

This involves many other people who start bullying the victim and the target may not even realize it. The real criminal isn’t identified in such case unless some help is not taken.

There are different ways of cyberbullying and everyone should be aware of it –

  • The most common way of cyberbullying is by sending rude or hurtful text messages. Sometimes rumors are also spread about the victim through messages.
  • Bully can steal your password and hack your account to post lousy messages and chat rudely with people under your name.
  • Blogs and posts are common on social websites where people like and share the same post as much as possible. It isn’t difficult for a bully to write negative about the victim on such pages and people unknowingly might start commenting on it.
  • Emails with personal photographs attached to it that might have been taken in bathroom, locker room, or any other private locations are sent to the target. Sometimes virus or spyware is send on their email to hack their program.

Cyberbullying can spread to thousands in seconds and it is way too serious because no matter how strong you are it echoes all over your world. Revenge porn is one of the examples of cyberbullying where obscene photographs are posted online without that person’s consent.

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