Are Your Veins Causing You Pain?

Reasons Why Your Legs Are Giving You Pain

One reason why your leg could be painful is because of sciatica. People who experience sciatica experience feelings such as burning, numbness and shooting pain. The areas where this pain is felt usually include the hips, thighs, buttocks, legs and feet. The degree of pain varies per person and per situation. There are many different causes of sciatica. It happens as a result of the sciatic nerve having pressure put on it. This is caused by a herniated spinal disc, pregnancy, bone enlargements that are caused by arthritis and other things.

What Are Varicose Veins

Another reason why your leg could be painful is because of varicose veins. Varicose veins in your leg appear as enlarged veins that are twisted. They are very obvious, visually, and pop out to various extents. Varicose veins happen as a result of the vein valves not working properly. As a result of this, blood goes in other directions and/or pools up. Usually, no treatment is necessary. If a person does not feel pain and/or is not bothered by the appearance, then he or she does not need to seek out treatment. However, there are very rare situation in which varicose veins rupture or form above skin wounds. These are situations in which medical attention is needed. There are various causes of varicose veins. Sometimes, varicose veins are hereditary and cannot be voided. There is a very large age factor, with the prevalence of varicose veins increasing in older age groups. Pregnancy, pressure on the legs and abdomen and sedentary lifestyles can cause varicose veins.

Result from Exercise

If you have rigorously exercised your body, there is a chance that the pain that your feeling in your legs is your body repairing itself from a work out. If you have worked out muscles in a way or intensity that they have never been worked out before, you may experiencing something called delayed onset muscle soreness. This type of soreness usually appears 24 to 72 hours following intense exercise. If you have intense pain while you are doing an exercise, that may be a red flag to immediately stop. Some of the things that can help this kind of soreness is massage, the application of heat and the application of ice. Using the muscles that are sore may also play a part in reducing future soreness.

There are some situations in which the leg pain that you have is a result of having an injury from physical activity. If you have a tight hamstring that was nit stretched prior workout, you may have strained it. If you have trouble with side-to-side movements, you may have pulled your groin muscle. The groin muscle runs from the inside of the thigh below the groin the inside area above the knee. An ACL tear is a horrible, devastating injury that can lead to other knee tendon tears along with it. The ACL is the main tendon of the knee, and it usually gets torn when a person slows down and changes directions or pivots.

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