Bare Minimum Features To Look For When Buying A New Refrigerator

Refrigerators are no longer a luxury, rather with ever increasing temperatures all around the world they have turned into a necessity. One can rarely find a household which is bereft of this wonderful appliance. With rapid leaps in technology, refrigerators arriving on the scene are equipped with ever changing and enhanced features. The refrigerator price varies and it becomes difficult for a normal person to make a decision taking into account the budget and the needs with regard to the refrigerator. Thus, a buying guide is a boon in such a scenario!

Bare Minimum Features To Look For When Buying A New Refrigerator

Apart from a good energy efficiency rating one must also take into consideration the various features available in the best fridge in the market. It is with regard to these features that we shall provide some guidance:

  1. Dimensions of refrigerator- This comes foremost when it comes to deciding upon the most suited refrigerator. It is imperative for you to first decide upon a location for your refrigerator and then calculate dimensions giving some leeway at the back and sides air exhaustion and in the front ample space for the door to open. One must also find the most suited height for the refrigerator.
  2. Durable construction- The doors must feel sturdy and the shelves must not be flimsy. They must be designed to withstand considerable weight so that they do not break down if you keep enough food items on them.
  3. Straight forward controls positioning- The control buttons must be comfortably placed so that one might not face much problems in operating them and that they might be easily accessible.
  4. Shelf design- Wire mesh designed shelves may result in food spillovers to items kept lower shelves. Thus, one must prefer solid glass shelves. Also, shelves today come in “platinum” finish which promises a smudge free surface.
  5. Ice dispensing unit- If you regularly use ice, then it might be a good idea to go for refrigerators offering ice dispensing facility since it would mean that you do not need to open the freezer door frequently which would hamper the cooling operation of the refrigerator.

If ice dispensing feature is not available for any reason then it would be better to go for a double door refrigerator since opening the freezer door would not disturb the cooling of the main body of the refrigerator.

Single door refrigerators may be considered if ice is not very frequently needed and the freezer is not required to be opened very often.

  1. Noise tolerance- If the refrigerator is to be kept near resting spaces, then noise factor should be a priority for you. Choose a refrigerator whose motor does not make much noise and operates almost in a noise free manner.
  2. Freezer arrangement- A bottom freezer arrangement is preferable if the freezer is not much needed and thus main compartment of the fridge is easily reachable.
  3. Drawers- It becomes quite accessible for you if your refrigerator has drawers in it. It allows to keep much more food items in an isolated environment from the items in the other drawer.
  4. Door lock and alarm- Alarm ensures that the fridge does not remain open for too long. It often happens that fridge door does not close well or children forget to close the door. This would mean energy wastage and thus alarm ensures a check on this wastage.

A door lock assures you that your child would not be able to reach that ice-cream which you do not want him to find, thus allowing you to not fret over such trivial things.

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